The activities of 134Cs, 137Cs, and 110mAg in marine biota off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in the Pacific Ocean were investigated a year after the FD1NPS accident. 110mAg could be observed in many marine biota after this accident, although it is

Fig. 11.2 Concentration ratio of cesium (CR-Cs) in each part of the marine organisms. Black squares, whole body; gray squares, muscle (edible parts); open squares, viscera; open circles, bony parts

well known that Mollusca and Crustacea concentrate silver in the visceral parts. Finally, it was suggested that the CR fluctuations in plankton is a result of both radioactivity in seawater and sediment resuspension.

Acknowledgements Sampling would not have been possible without the field support provided by the T/S Umitaka-maru, T/S Shinyo-maru, and some research and fishing vessels. Part of the sample treatment support was provided by staff members of the National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Fisheries Research Agency. This work was partly supported by Health Labour Sciences Research Grant and MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (24110004).

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