Cultivating Mindfulness to Raise Children Who Thrive: Why Human Connection from Before Birth Matters

Wisdom: the path to unleashing human nature and well-beingThe sense of knowing-howPrimal wisdomThe continuous changing of an expansive selfAttitude towards the natural world: relevance to the prenatal relationshipAnimal natureAppreciation of beauty and sacred as part of livingThe human work of artThe importance of surrender and ego detachment for perceiving the wholeLetting go of fear and intellectualisationPsychophysiological coherenceThe human work of art and implicit processesCelebrating the movement of energy: songs, ceremonies and dancesIntegrating primal wisdom with the modern Western worldview: from preconception to parenting and beyondWe are not meant to be disconnectedThe heavens of imaginationSecuring the foundations of human connection before birthAre we losing our capacity for nurture and the essence of parenting?Imagination that includes relational beingBirth as the unleashing power of wisdomA broader spectrum of realityImplicit communication and body wisdomRaising children towards wisdomA rich web of nurture and its lifelong effectsLearning the flow of being and communicationBeyond attachment theory: embedded in multiple relationshipsThe sense of inter-being in the flow of lifeThe implications of trauma and stress in early life: disconnection from the body and othersA new way of thinking about parenting and healthThe art and science of mindfulnessThe most ancient practiceBoosting resilience and well-being: an antidote to pain, stress and depressionThe physiological wisdom of painCompassion and self-compassionTowards an open-hearted compassionate orientationEmbodied presence, attentiveness and attunementMindfulness and attachmentTransformation of human traits and beingThe central role of emotions and self-regulationExperience, implicit memory and the biology of freedomTechniques of mindfulnessPractise deep breathingSavouring statesMeditationReceptive attention and intersubjective connectionAccepting each moment as it is: an antidote to fear and reactivityThe wise gardener, the rewiring of the brain and genomicsConnection and empathy: enhancing prenatal and perinatal healthcare practitioners’ interpersonal skillsUnleashing the potential of prenatal bondingThe mirroring of emotional statesIt is not all about technique: relying on the communication sensory-energy systemDeep listening, kindness and the sacred spaceA new paradigm based on caring empathic interactionsWhy maternal and paternal mental health and well-being matterThe evidenceA window of opportunitiesWhy paternal perinatal mental health mattersThe role of biological systemsEpigeneticsThe protective function of the earliest mother-baby relationshipThe importance of resonanceCosts to society and economyAcknowledging the intersubjective realityThe unborn baby as an active social partnerA remnant of the old mind-body split paradigm?A dialogue between science and intersubjective mother-baby experienceAcknowledging the complexity: the art of the journeyA new neuro-philosophical perspective to seal the gapA mindfulness relationship-based model to support maternal mental health and the mother-baby relationship in pregnancy and beyond birthThe importance of maternal and paternal mental healthMaternal mental health and its links with foetal and infant developmental outcomes: the missing link between associationsInteractions and relaxation as antidotes to stressReconceptualising the mother-foetus attachment (MFA) relationshipThe prenatal relationship: impact on foetal development and its relevance to epigeneticsFoetal consciousness and engagementFrom sensorimotor attunement to mental beginningsMother-infant emotional availability and the neuroception of safetyInteroception or embodied awarenessThe intergenerational impact of adult attachment styleVisioning the futureA sense of onenessCompassion and self-compassion – a game changerIt begins from the beginningThe PMRB programmeCodaAfterword
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