Engaging Brands: A Customer-Centric Approach for Superior Experiences

Customer engagement: The brand goalTop companies for customer engagementDefining customer engagementSegmenting markets for customer engagementGoalsPersonalityNostalgia pronenessSubjectivityMoodPositioning strategies for customer engagementBrand-based determinantsProductsEntertainmentCommunicationThemeBundlingContext-based determinantsPhysical environmentVirtual environmentSocial environmentCommon mistakes in customer engagement managementReferencesCustomer experience: The heart of brandingThe Priceless platform at MastercardKey benefits of engaging brandsDesigning superior customer experiences: Turning ordinary into extraordinaryManagerial principles to design the optimal experiencesThe eight managerial principlesCommon mistakes in customer experience managementReferencesFrom experiences to loyalty by way of emotionsWhen emotions set the industry: The case of EatalyOn the road to loyalty: Building the premisesEnriching customer experience with emotionsCustomer experiences in movie theatresPriceless and customer experiencesManaging customer emotionsCommon mistakes in customer emotions managementReferencesThe customer journey and its mapTomorrowland: An immersive customer journeyThe customer journey: Stages, touchpoints, and storytellingThe customer journey map: Its definition, features, benefits, and obstaclesThe process to map the customer journeyCommon mistakes in mapping the customer journeyReferencesThe research techniques for engaging brandsPepsiCo: Innovating customer experience through design thinkingDesign thinking for customer experiencesResearch techniques for the customer experienceUnderstanding cognitive responsesUnderstanding emotional responsesUnderstanding behavioural responsesUnderstanding sensorial responsesUnderstanding social responsesDescribing and testing customer responsesSelecting the proper research techniqueCommon mistakes in running research projectsReferencesIntegrating customer experience through big dataNetflix: A disruptive tailored customer experienceValue co-creation: Integrating customers into the experienceAny company might co-create its value with customersThe starting point of value co-creation is always an interactive experienceThe final output of co-creation is always valueValue co-creation might refer to production or exchange processesValue co-creation is a difficult challengeCustomer-centric ecosystems: Integrating inside and outside processesThe value of more integrated and connected experiencesThe sampleModel and variablesFindingsCommon mistakes in managing big dataReferencesMeasuring customer engagement and its returnsMeasuring customer engagement: The managerial approachMeasuring customer engagement: The scientific approachFrom customer engagement to loyalty intensityStage 1: AcquaintanceStage 2: SatisfactionStage 3: TrustStage 4: FairnessStage 5: AdvocacyFrom customer relationship intensity to customer relationship equityCommon mistakes in customer engagement measurementReferencesFrom customer engagement to customer well-beingHappiness experience at ZapposHappy cultureHappy organizational structureHappy customer serviceHappy HRMHappiness as a KPI of employee engagementCustomer well-being: The ultimate KPI in the long termMeasurement of customer well-being and its componentsReading: An experience for customer well-beingCommon mistakes in customer well-being managementReferences
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