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A short course of lectures
«Everyone a Leader»

Learning from ExperienceFuture State Targets: AspirationalWorking Effectively in TeamsChanging Things for the BetterThe Development of Tarah, the Aspiring Leader-EngineerDeveloping a Personal MissionVirtueImplementing ChangeTaking ActionAsking Individuals to Grow beyond Their ExpectationsSocial Well-BeingDevelopmental Leadership ModelDevelopmental LearningMAKING DECISIONS IN AN INTUITIVE MANNERThe Background to This BookValue-Add Processes and SystemsThe Target AudienceThe Change Process ModelThinking Effectively ModelORGANIZATIONAL LEADERA Generic FrameworkMaking Decisions to Do the Right ThingViabilityTHE SELF-MANAGING PERSONTrustworthinessRole Model Leading and LeadershipOrganizing Around Value-Add ProcessesFocusing on What Is Most ImportantLeading: The Catalyst for ChangeSustainable GrowthTHE DEVELOPMENTAL MINDSETKnowing OthersInluencing People: The ProcessOne: The Meaning of Leading and LeadershipAdmired LeadersDeveloping Meaning for ChangeValues: The Foundation for Positive ChangeDiversity of ThoughtCreating a Harmonious Relationship with CustomersTHE AUTHORITARIANProductivity of the Decision-Making ProcessThe High-Performance Business OrganizationExternal Stakeholders' Needs SatisfactionRespect for PeopleThe Interface between Strategy and ImplementationVISIONThe Developmental Learning ProcessSkills CapabilityImplementing ActionInspiring OthersFormulating DirectionHierarchy of TeamingTeaching OthersPreparing Yourself to LeadFour-Term FrameworkTwo: Preparing Yourself to LeadBig results require big ambitions.Proximate EnvironmentLinking People's Work with Their LivesThinking EffectivelyThe Development of Ashley, the Aspiring Organizational LeaderThinking about Future StatesASPIRING LEADERFair CompensationAn Aspiration: The High-Performance Business OrganizationThe Nature of Leadership ActivityHIGH-PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERAcknowledgmentsDevelopmental WorkTaking ActionEffective CommunicationDEVELOPING MEANING FOR CHANGEHierarchy of ChangeAn Aspiration: Everyone a LeaderCharacter AttributesThinking about Future StatesTenacityDeveloping a High-Performance CultureEnergyThinking LeadersMotivationMaking Change: Getting ResultsFuture State Targets: PlansDeveloping an Effective Change ProcessDEVELOPING A FUTURE STATE VISION AND MISSIONCompetence is the ability to accomplish things eficiently and effectively.Developmental LeadershipFormulating Direction for ChangeROLE MODEL LEADERThree-Term FrameworkHigh-Performance Work System versus Conventional Organizing ApproachEthical Decision MakingInternal Stakeholders' Needs SatisfactionLeadership StylesAsking People to Be AccountableLeadership Competency ModelHigh-Performance TeamingNatural Work TeamsReciprocal MaintenanceTHE COACHChanging Things for the BetterDeveloping MeaningThe high-performance developmental organization treats its people fairly.Leading the OrganizationThe Power of InterdependencyHarmonious RelationshipsThe Best Leaders Are Competent LeadersIMPLEMENTING THE CHANGEThree: Leading the OrganizationCreating Harmony among EmployeesThe High-Performance Work System and Serving StakeholdersChange: The Work of LeadersThe Leadership Styles ModelThe Concept of Value-AddHonestyEpilogueTHE INTEGRATED PERSONFORMULATING DIRECTION FOR CHANGEAN EXAMPLE OF FULL UTILIZATION OF THE CHANGE PROCESS MODELBeyond the ArchetypesDevelopmental Leadership ActivityTHE ADMINISTRATORHow to Use the Change Process ModelThe Right Organizational ValuesThe Design of the BookKnowing YourselfRole Model Leader DesignationTraditions, Totems, and TaboosAn Example of Thinking EffectivelyTHE ORGANIZERQuality of the Decision-Making ProcessFunctional ExpertiseOther Organizing EntitiesMISSIONDEVELOPING LEADERValue-Add Structuring of the Business OrganizationVitalityPurposeful BehaviourCreating a Harmonious Relationship with SocietyCore ValuesThe Meaning of Leading and LeadershipTreating People FairlyFuture LookingPARTIAL UTILIZATION OF THE CHANGE PROCESS MODELLearning FrameworksStakeholders' LoyaltyMAKING DECISIONS IN A LOGICAL MANNERPrefaceSTRATEGY
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