Youth Culture and the Media: Global Perspectives

Youth culture, the media, and 'seismic' social change"'Anywhere, anytime" connectivity': media and communication in young people's livesThe developing concepts of 'youth' and 'youth culture''The problem of generations': cohorts of youth and historical shiftsApproaching youth culture and the mediaNotesThe rise of the teenage media market: Youth, consumption, and entertainment in the twentieth century‘I’m a business, man!’: The economic significance of youth cultureThe youth market takes shape: the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries‘The teen-age tide’: Baby Boomers and the birth of the teenager‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’: the explosion of US teen media‘A distinctive teenage world’: the international growth of the youth market‘The new generation’: young consumers during the late twentieth centuryNotesMillennials and the media: youth, communication, and consumption in the early twenty-first centuryYouth culture and the new world of digital media‘Millennials rising’: the youth market rejuvenated?New horizons of digital media: video games, streaming, and social networks‘Digital natives’?: Assessing the digital generation gapMarketing concepts of young consumers: Generations X, Y, and ZSelling to youth in the digital age: advertising, branding, and social influencersChanging transitions to adulthood: a ‘golden age of youth’?NotesMedia representations of youth: pathologies, panaceas, and moral panicsSymbolic dimensions to representations of youth‘Idealizations and monstrosities’: the mythic qualities of youthThe ‘fifth horseman of doom’: youth, media, and moral panicsThe ‘transnational folk devil’: youth, moral panic, and ‘racialised others’Moral panics updatedUncertainty, risk, and the ‘culture of fear’Modernity’s ‘panacea’: positive archetypes of youth‘Girl power’ as the epitome of enterpriseNotesMedia effects and youth: a crucible of controversyYoung people and the ‘media effects’ debate'Your kids might be ready to explode': popular fears of media influence on the youngFrom the ‘talkies’ to video games: the development of ‘media effects’ research‘An easy scapegoat’: the critique of ‘media effects’ theoriesYouth, communication technologies, and ‘media panics’: from the telegraph to ‘sexting’‘An opium of the spirit’?: Video games, youth, and the question of ‘addiction’NotesYoung people and media consumption: from mass culture to subcultures, ‘resistance’ … and beyondSticking it to Putin: the political and creative energies of youth culture‘Merchants eye teenagers the way stockmen eye cattle’: youth, media, and theories of mass cultureSlaves to the rhythm?: A critique of mass culture theories‘The kids are alright’: youth, style, and subcultural ‘resistance’The limits of subcultural theoryThe ‘post-subcultural’ turn: translocal scenes and eclectic neo-tribesGrrrl power: subcultures, gender, and sexualityAll-consuming passions: youth as ‘creative’ consumersNotesMedia industries, globalisation, and the international youth marketA star rising in the East: Tencent and global shifts in the youth marketA world of business integration: globalisation, conglomeration, and the mediaWorking for the Yankee dollar: globalisation, cultural imperialism, and Americanisation‘Think globally, act locally’: youth culture, glocalisation, and mediascapes‘Glocal’ youth cultures and the appropriation of ‘mythic’ AmericaRiding the waves of global cool: youth culture, soft power, and ‘nation branding’NotesGlobal media, local youth cultures, and hybridity‘Somewhere in America’: youth culture, ethnicity, and identity‘Routes rather than Roots’: diaspora, youth cultures, and hybridity‘Cut ‘n’ Mix’ music: the sounds of syncretism‘Repping the ends’: locality and hybridised hip-hopThe rise of ‘Asian kool’: youth and ‘transcultural’ identitiesCultural voyeurs and mavericks of ethnicity: white youth consuming black culture‘Happy we are from Tehran’?: The resilience of the localNotesYouth culture, identity, and creativity in the age of digital mediaThe online Directioners: virtual spaces for identity and cultural production‘Shifting the world’s perspective on what’s beautiful’: identity, youth cultures, and queer ‘performance’‘Writing themselves into being’: youth, identity, and social mediaOnline youth in a networked era‘They’re doers. They’re participators. They’re creators’: youth, digital media, and ‘convergence culture’NotesYoung people and the media: a ‘circuit of youth culture’?Global perspectives and portents of change
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