Knowledge, Content, Curriculum and Didaktik: Beyond Social Realism

‘Bringing knowledge back in’ and social realismBeyond social realismOverview of the bookNotesReferencesKnowledge, disciplinarity and postmodern critiquesClassifying and conceptualising knowledgeCritiques of disciplinarityProblems of postmodern critiquesConcluding remarksNotesReferencesAims of schooling, school subjects and knowledge questionsAims of schooling: competing curriculum conceptions and discoursesSchool subjects and academic disciplines: the differencesContinuousDiscontinuousDifferent but relatedThe formation of a school subject and curriculum makingThree kinds of knowledge questionsConcluding remarksNoteReferencesLiberal education, Bildung and theory of knowledgeKnowledge-its-own-end thesisNewmanHirstCultivation - via - knowledge platformBildung-centrеd DidaktikSchwabian model of a liberal educationConvergence and divergenceConcluding remarksNotesReferencesLiberal education, Bildung and theory of contentKnowledge-its-own-end thesisNewmanHirstCultivation - via - knowledge platformBildung-centrеd DidaktikThe Schwabian model of a liberal educationConvergence and divergenceConcluding remarksReferencesRethinking teaching and teachers: bringing content back into conversationBringing knowledge back in, BiIdung-centred Didaktik and Schwabian curriculum thinkingBringing knowledge back inBildung-centrеd DidaktikSchwabian curriculum thinkingTheorising content, teaching and teachers: comparison and contrastTowards an educational and curricular understanding of teaching and teachersConcluding remarksNoteReferencesPedagogical content knowledge reconceived: bringing curriculum thinking into conversation on teachers’ understanding of contentPCK: background, conceptualisation, issues and developmentsThe institutional curriculum and teachers’ understanding of content for teachingThe capabilities approachBildung-centrеd DidaktikConceptualising teachers’ understanding of content for teaching: comparison and contrastConclusion: towards reconceptualising PCKNotesReferencesThe English national curriculum and three curriculum futuresSocial realists and a Future 3 curriculumBeyond the social realist school - the capabilities approachBeyond the social realist school - the cultivation-via-knowledge platformTowards an alternative to the discourse on twenty-first century competencesNoteReferences
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