American Public Opinion Toward Israel: From Consensus to Divide

Plan of the BookDataA Note About Authors' "Bias"NotesI. Trends in Public SupportStudying American Attitudes Toward IsraelAmerican Attitudes on Foreign PolicyConclusionNotesPositive Affect in American Attitudes Toward IsraelFeelings of Americans Toward Israel, in Comparative PerspectiveFavorabilityAmerican AlliesTiers of AffectThe Importance of Affect for Understanding American Public Opinion Toward IsraelReasons for the Positive Affect Toward IsraelShared Cultural ValuesShared Religious ValuesShared Political ValuesShared Strategic InterestsPro-lsrael LobbyAmerican JewryBusiness RelationsExamining How Americans Justify Their Support for IsraelConclusionNotesAttitudes About the Arab-Israeli Conflict and US Involvement in the RegionChoosing a Side in the Arab-Israeli ConflictSympathiesAttributing BlameWhom Should the United States Side With?Use of ForcePeace NegotiationsProspects of PeaceAttitudes About a Palestinian StateSupport for a Palestinian StateSettlementsFate of JerusalemUS InvolvementSupport for US Involvement in the Arab-Israeli ConflictBacking Israel on the International StageCommitting TroopsUS AidConclusionNotesII. Assessing the Divide in Public SupportDemographic DivisionsData and MethodAssessing Group Differences in Support for IsraelGenderAge & GenerationRaceEducationReligionA Brief SummaryTemporal ChangesRaceEducationReligionConclusionAPPENDIXNotesPartisan DividePartisan Divide on Support for IsraelAssessing the Partisan DivideSocial AlignmentIdeological AlignmentElite PolarizationConclusionAPPENDIXNoteAffective Sources of AttitudesData and MethodAffect as a Source of Policy PreferencesAffect: The Mediating Mechanism in the PartisanDivide Over IsraelConclusionAPPENDIX: Robustness Check of SubsampleAdditive Effect of AffectMediation ModelAssessing the Moderated Effect of Time on BlameNotesThe Nature of the Partisan Divide Over Palestinian IndependenceAssessing the Divide Over Support for an Independent Palestinian StateCan Affect Serve as a Heuristic Shortcut?Partisan PrioritiesConclusionAPPENDIXThe Additive Effect of Favorability on Support for an Independent Palestinian StateAssessing the Effect of Foreign Policy Priorities on Support for a Palestinian StateNotesConclusion: A Conditional Relationship?What We FoundWhat Does It Mean and What Does the Future Hold?NotesAppendix: Surveys Used Throughout the Book
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