Philanthropy and the Future of Science and Technology

Renewed giving for science: the re-emergence of philanthropic support for the scientific enterpriseTwo editorials, twenty years apartRenewing attention on the philanthropy-science interfacePhilanthropy, RRI, and societal responsibility: opportunities, challenges, and critiquesMotivation and methodological approach: multi-modal qualitative research to illuminate the practice of science philanthropyBook structureBibliographyTracing the past: the historical role of foundations in science and technologyA long history, easily forgotten: the origins of philanthropic support for scienceA brief overview of 20th Century science philanthropyFrom patronage to professionalization in science philanthropyScience philanthropy in the complex ecosystem of research supportBibliographyTypologies of science philanthropy: linking philanthropic approaches with responsible research and innovationPhilanthropy and the RRI framework: current state of the discussionExisting categorization schemes for assessing science philanthropyAn evolving typology of science philanthropy for the 21st CenturyAnalyzing science philanthropy in the age of responsible researchBibliographyIndividuals, institutions, and networks: contemporary examples of science philanthropyScience philanthropy for individuals: fellowships exploring new areas of researchAnticipating and bolstering the talent of the future: support for early career scholars conducting cutting-edge researchDiversity, equity, inclusion, and deliberation: fellowships that introduce new voices, change the face of science, and expand the conversation about science in societyReflexivity and responsiveness: applying RRI principles as criteria for grant selectionEstablishing and sustaining institutions: creating long-standing organizational infrastructure for scientific researchFunding forward-looking research centers: producing the conditions for breakthrough scienceEmbedding inclusion and deliberation: institutional infrastructure to advance diversity and engagementConstructing institutional reflexivity and responsiveness front the inside out: creating in-house research centersWeaving together individuals and institutions: advancing network-building for scientific researchGenerating anticipator)’, collaborative cohorts: forming linkages among early career scholars and connections across institutionsPromoting networks for stakeholder deliberation: spanning the boundaries of research and practiceEncompassing responsiveness in network-building: partnerships reflecting fundamental values and interestsBibliographyCase studies in science philanthropy network-buildingCase studies in science philanthropy network-building: the Rockefeller Foundation Searchlight network and the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyA deeper look at the implementation of RRI principlesThe Rockefeller Foundation Searchlight network: building funder capacity for anticipation, deliberation, and reflexivityBringing anticipation to philanthropyLearning front diverse perspectivesEmphasizing integration, visualization, and disseminationSloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS): leading the way in cutting-edge science, diversity, and the adoption of responsive practicesRegularly looking ahead to achieve groundbreaking scientific discoveriesBroadening engagement through data sharingTaking the lead on diversity, equity, and inclusionLessons learned: how to infuse research network design with an RRI perspectiveBibliographyReflections from the field: perspectives on the societal responsibility of science philanthropyExploring the experience of giving for scienceRealizing responsibility: establishing a new culture of science philanthropyAnticipation in practice: broadly scanning for new ideasDiversifying perspectives: are science philanthropies sufficiently flexible and willing to take risks?Extending science philanthropy to new domains: finding new intervention opportunities in data science and climate changeAdvancing collective responsiveness by realizing partnerships and promoting learningRecommendations for the path ahead: embracing complexity, addressing global challenges, and recognizing the value of a long time horizonNovel modes of responsibility: new approaches to science philanthropyEmerging alternative approaches in science philanthropyAnticipating future research needs: establishing new organizational structures for scientific researchA more inclusive and expansive community of giving: engaging new donors through crowdfunding and more equitable award allocation mechanismsReflexively changing decision-making processes: adopting new selection criteria and indicators of successChallenging the RRI framework: remaking and dissolving the philanthropic formRRI and new modes of science philanthropyBibliographyOpportunities and challenges ahead: lessons learned and scenarios for the future of science philanthropyPutting it all togetherLessons learned for science philanthropyScenarios for the future of science philanthropyMoving the conversation forwardBibliography
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