Main Objectives

Rewilding Europe has set itself 10 clear objectives to be achieved over a 10-year period. These are applied from a central governance to local level, and include:

1. A total of at least 1 million ha (10,000 km2) of land will be 'rewilded' by the initiative and its partners, across 10 places covering different geographical regions of Europe, including different landscapes and habitats.

2. A substantial wildlife comeback (in particular for keystone or flagship species) will take place in the 10 rewilding areas, supported by re-introductions where appropriate or necessary, serving as the starting point for complete, functional ecosystems.

3. In each of the 10 rewilding areas, sufficient “in-situ” breeding facilities for wildlife will be established, for a variety of wildlife species that can be used for re-introductions or re-stocking of these areas.

4. Because of a growing demand for wildlife in these rewilding areas, European wildlife will develop a 'market value', providing new business opportunities— for management partners, landholders, hunting associations and the like.

5. In each of the 10 rewilding areas, 'rewilding' will become a competitive form of land (and sea) use; through supporting and building of rewilding enterprises, the economic prospects of local people and/or communities will be improved.

6. Magnification of success: the 10 rewilding areas serve as inspiring examples for other areas in Europe. This should ideally lead up to 100 other 'rewilding' initiatives launched across Europe affecting a total of 10 million ha (100,000 km2).

7. “Wild nature & natural processes” will be accepted and adopted as one of the main management principles for nature conservation in Europe, in particular in the larger landscapes that have a conservation status (especially the wilder, large Natura 2000 areas).

8. Through the work of Rewilding Europe, and the communication & outreach thereof, a sense of 'Pride of the Wild' will be created among a very broad audience in Europe, who will also again be able to enjoy these wild values.

9. A science-based and practical, tailor-made monitoring system will be established to oversee progress on the objectives of Rewilding Europe, both at the central level and in the rewilding areas.

10. The concept of the 'Joy of the Wild' will have reached out to at least 350 million European citizens, using different kind of media, outdoor and indoor exhibitions, computer and mobile applications, etc.

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