Secular Societies, Spiritual Selves?: The Gendered Triangle of Religion, Secularity and Spirituality

Secular bodies, secular practicesSpirituality is not necessarily unchurchedPublic religion, private spirituality?Moving beyond the binary: spirituality as the third term of a gendered triangleExploring spiritual selves: the contributions to this volumeNoteAcknowledgementsReferencesFeminist spirituality as lived religion: how UK feminists forge religio-spiritual livesFeminist sociological literature on religionFeminism vs. religion: secularism and secularizationThe feminist turn to spiritualityReligious feminismsMethodsFindingsFeminist spiritualities are de-churchedFeminist spiritualities are relationalFeminist spiritualities emphasize practiceConclusionsNotesReferencesGoddess Spirituality in Italy: secular and spiritual – two sides of the same coin?IntroductionFieldwork voicesReligion, spirituality and secularity: an Italian insightGoddess Spirituality as a case of spiritual and secular integrationThe partnership way: where secular and spiritual meet each otherConclusionNotesAcknowledgementsReferencesHealers, missionaries and entrepreneurs of the feminine: the secularization of contemporary women’s spiritualityIntroductionSites of women’s spirituality and wellbeing: coaching, circles and festivalsSpiritual awakenings, feminine awakeningsSecularizing women’s spiritualityPractitioners of the feminine: healers, missionaries, entrepreneursNoteReferencesThe sacred feminine in Mexico’s Neopagan women’s circlesRegina: the epic book of the awakening of Mexican womanhoodRegina circles: rituals to recover feminine spiritualityInside a Regina women’s circle: GuadalajaraEthnographic notes on Regina’s vigil: a key event for understanding the networkThe sacred feminine and the creation of new “alternative” consumer stylesConclusionNotesReferencesThe (b)earth of a gendered eco-spirituality: globally connected ethnographies between Mexico and the European AlpsIntroductionSecular and spiritual ecology in global cultureHealing Mother Earth, healing the feminine: feminizing ecology within Maya revival networks of MexicoGendering ecology, practising spirituality north and south of the Alps“Inner transition" movements in French-speaking Switzerland (Romandie) and the promotion of a gendered spiritual ecologyGender polarity in an eco-esoteric conununity in PiedmontConclusionNotesReferencesRe-enchanted selves: an ethnography of wild woman workshops in BelgiumIntroductionCase study of a wild woman workshopEnchanting experiences of participationRebalancing the self-in-relationConclusionNotesAcknowledgementsReferencesGendering the spiritual marketplace: public, private, and in-betweenIntroductionSpirits of the marketTen Thousand VillagesGendering spiritualityGendering consumptionUnfaithful womenHome economicsProper and improper relationshipsConclusionNotesReferences“God wants spiritual fruits not religious nuts”: spirituality as middle way between religion and secularism at the Marian shrine of FátimaMethods and literature reviewThe visions in Fatima and the development of a pilgrimage shrine“People feel different things when visiting apparition sites - I think it depends on their level of spirituality”Gendering the entanglements of religion, spirituality and secularismConclusionIn mcmoriamNotesAcknowledgementsReferences‘A merely private activity’: spiritual consumerism as a way to transform gendered relationships to secular and religious authoritiesIntroductionPuzzle and argumentThe secular-religious-spiritual landscape of the south of the NetherlandsStructural location of people engaging with spiritual practicesThe location of spirituality in the NetherlandsFinding oneselfCommercial relationshipsConclusionReferencesIs yoga a girl’s thing?: A case study on working-class men doing yoga in jailIntroductionMasculinities, spirituality and penitentiary institutions: theoretical premisesMasculinities in prison: state of the artReligion and gender: what about masculinity?The religious, the secular and the spiritual in penitentiary institutionsCase study: masculinities, yoga and spirituality in penitentiary settingsContextual and methodological considerationsYoga, men and the body in prisonLooking for freedom: spirituality, transcendence and yogaLooking for meaning: masculinity, holistic spirituality anil narratives of hopeConclusionReferences“Things I do are manifestations of love”: queer religiosities and secular spirituality among Montreal PagansSecularism in Quebec: spirituality after the Quiet RevolutionPaganisms and queer identitiesReligion and the LGBTQ movement in QuebecMariaCallumConclusionNoteReferencesAfterword: to the vagina triangle and beyond!
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