Politics and the Mediatization of School Educational Policy: The Dog-Whistle Dynamic

Defining and describing the “dog whistle’’IntroductionFrom factual news reporting to opinion-based journalism: “a personal and subjective style... emphasizing argument and advocacy”What do we mean by “educational policy”, and where does the dog whistle fit?Unmasking the political and journalistic dog whistle: “an all-purpose dog whistle that... the undeserving poor hear loud and clear”Agenda setting, the media, public opinion and policy-making: “dog whistle politics” call[s] upon the anxiety or fear of minoritiesThe disenchanted political Right: “politics of the left-behinds”Communicative figurations and mediatization: “families as well as public spheres are not simply constructed by just one medium but by various kinds of media”The still-vexed issue of the mediatization of educational policy and practice: “understanding how intermediaries impact on democratic processes”Issues with the dog whistle as metaphor: “imposed by people of power”The dog whistle in a rich stable of political vocabulary: “His lessons were not lost on me”Dog-whistling populism: “fuel[ing] the dog whistle politics of populism”“It’s not a ‘dog whistle’ if everyone can hear the bigotry”Social media, the 24-hour news cycle and the emergence of dog-whistle discoursePostmodernity: a time of the emergence of the dog-whistle dynamicThe dog whistle gains footage in the UK: “It’s not just your dogs who hear them”The dog whistle down underDeconstructing the dog whistle: motives and generalizationsAre we tiring of the dog whistle? “treating the electorate like dogs”Towards a comparative analysisReferencesDog-whistle journalism, politics and school educational policy: an overview and an appraisalIntroductionAn emerging interest in the role of the media in school education: “in the face of globalization and neoliberalist policies”Media deregulation leads to the emergence of the dog-whistle dynamic impacting school educational policySchool educational policy and the “Foxification” of politics in the US, the UK and Australia: “We offer opinions not seen anywhere else”Power, the media and school educational policy and practice: “uninitiated, aside from the obvious redbaiting, there’s a hidden dog whistle in there”Globalization and the spread of the dog whistle: various views: “shuttered factories, unchecked immigration”Neoliberalism, the media, dog whistles and school educational policy: “there’s only one Rupert that we know”Dog-whistle journalism walks hand-in-glove with neoliberalism: the case of racism and xenophobia: “cockroaches, swarms and sexual predators”Brexit, Trump, Hanson and a fresh kennel of dog whistlers: “language took on a distinctly paranoid tone... dog whistling to extreme views has become the norm”The political act of picking up the TV remote or selecting a newspaper from a standA new framework for the dog whistle: risk society, the mainstream media, social media and new types of moral panicsRisk society, reflexive modernization and school educational policy: “When modernization reaches a certain stage, it radicalizes itself.”Media logic: the dog whistle of “fake news”Towards a comparative analysisReferencesDog-whistle journalism and politics: national governments and the politics of school educationIntroductionDog whistles and national governments? “A political strategy that aims to generate anger and embarrass opponents”Fake news, dog-whistle journalism, politics and school education: “a larger problem than racism, climate change, or terrorism”Dog whistling the building education revolution (BER): “far-reaching waste in programmes such as school halls”Immigration, national memorial days, dog-whistle journalism, school education, politics with racism, xenophobia and IslamophobiaDog-whistling students with special needs: “students with disabilities are putting a strain on teachers and schools”Dog-whistling fears of school discipline breakdown: dog-whistle journalism and politics, moral panics and generational changeTowards a comparative analysisReferencesDog-whistle journalism and politics: xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia in school educationIntroductionSeptember II and the new face of Islamophobia in the media: ‘“Never forget’ became a national rallying cry”National risk-heightened and surveillance-heightened capacity for the dog whistleReporting Islam in the media: “stereotypes portraying Arabs and Muslims as perpetrators of terrorism”Setting the groundwork: US schools and dog-whistling racism“Racial fog-horns — loud, abrasive and direct appeals to white supremacy”Australia: racist-, xenophobic- and Islamophobic-based dog whistling begins to impact school educationThe US: “a dog whistle loud enough for the world to hear”Australia and the UK: the dog whistle, “‘African’ is code for black’’The UK: a “Trojan Horse”, “beards and burqas, forced marriage and FGM, sharia law and jihadi outlaws”“Never go full racist”Racism and mediatizing the school education narrative: “high risk” business practices and suffering First Nations studentsJust a “foolish prank”Towards a comparative analysisReferencesDog-whistle journalism and politics: national curricularIntroductionUnmasking the meaning of “curriculum”Dog-whistling Judeo-Christian values in a national curriculum: “We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values”Dog-whistling a history curriculum: “The ‘beach, and all that it stands for’, is a part of the Australian identity”Dog-whistling sexuality education curricular: “Be involved, be aware, and be aggressive”Dog-whistling health and fitness in a curriculum: “No, your dog can’t get autism from a vaccine”Towards a comparative analysisReferencesDog-whistle journalism and politics: school choice, educational standards and teacher preparationIntroductionDog-whistling school choice: racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia: school choice, “the biggest anti-Black dog whistle in American politics”Teaching standards and dog whistling in US curriculum documentsDog-whistling educational standards: border protection and asylum seekersDog-whistling education standards: immigration, schools and educational standardsDog-whistling education standards: the media, national standardized assessmentDog-whistling education standards: the media and class sizesPerceived standards in teacher preparation plummets to near dog-whistle depthsTowards a comparative analysisReferencesContexts: bringing it togetherIntroductionAs a form of deep mediatization, to what extent is the dog-whistle dynamic imbedded in school educational policy and practice?As a form of deep mediatization, to what extent do dog-whistling dynamics affect our understanding of school educational policy and practice?How might we explain the continued and sustained dog-whistle dynamics impacting school educational policy and practice?What does the future hold?Final reflections: and a final pleaGeneral conclusionsReferences
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