Achieving Successful and Sustainable Project Delivery in Africa:How to Implement Effective and Effic

Definition of Terms: Project Failure and Abandonment, Successful and Sustainable Project DeliveryMain Objective of the BookReferencesSection 1 Some Failed Projects and Project DeliverablesExamples of Failed Projects in NigeriaFailed Nigerian Steel IndustryInitial Promising StartCauses of FailureDisagreement over PrivatisationReasons for the PrivatisationPoor Return on Investment, Gross Inefficiency, and Source of Major Financial Drain on the EconomyZero Productivity with Regular Payments on Full SalariesAbandoned and Still to Be Reactivated Scientific ProjectsWhy Was the Centre Not Completed?Going Forward: Road MapObservations and CommentsNigeria Is the Largest Importer of Petrol Because of Non-Functional Refineries [1]CommentsLittle or No Accountability and “White Elephant Projects” [2]Questionable and “White Elephant” Projects in Nigeria [2] and Other African CountriesCauses of FailureFailure to Plan for Sustainability of Projects and Project DeliverablesPersonal Experience: Failure of Delta Steel CompanyAbsence of Project Management Office: International Practice for National Project Management and SustainabilityGoing ForwardNecessity for a Nigerian National Project Management OfficeQuestionsReferencesExamples of Failed Projects in GhanaFailure of the Ghana-STX Building Project: A $10 Billion Housing Project [1]QuestionsReferencesExamples of Failed Projects in South AfricaPoor Planning and Implementation: Poor Project ManagementNelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality Metro Buses: A Failed but Not Abandoned Project [2]Failure in the Telecommunications Industry in South Africa [3]Microsoft’s Digital Villages in South Africa [4]CommentsQuestionsReferencesSection 2 Failed Projects in Some Industries in AfricaFailures in Construction IndustryQuestionsReferencesFailures in Water (Borehole) ProjectsMoney “Wasted” on Water Projects in AfricaNew Operations StrategySuccess of Boreholes in Ghana GovernmentSupport SchemeCommentsQuestionsReferencesFailures in the Electricity IndustryPoor Power Supply Causes Poor Economic GrowthQuestionsReferencesRenewable Energy ProjectsProblem of Low Investments in AfricaLack of Access to, and Grossly Inadequate Reliable Grid Supply in Nigeria [2, 3]Grossly Deficient and Lack of Electricity Supply Extends the Cycle of PovertyNigeria’s Solar Projects: A Mixture of Failures and SuccessesAn Example of a Failed Renewable Energy Project in Nigeria [4]Cause of Failure: Poor and Inadequate MaintenanceCauses of Failure of Renewable Energy Projects in NigeriaSuccessful Renewable Energy Project in Nigeria [4]A Bright Spot in JigawaGoing ForwardComments and “Turning of the Tide” in the Renewable Energy IndustryWhy Should There Be a Section on Successes in a Book That Discusses Failed Projects?Successful Developments in the Solar PowerSuccessful Streetlights in Lagos, 2016Lagos State and UK Department for International Development (UK DFID)Building the Market for Solar Power in NigeriaThe Programme ApproachProgress and Improvement in Education as Solar Power Provides Affordable Energy for Classrooms, IT Lessons and Much MoreMaintenance Arrangement of DeliverablesObservations and CommentsRenewable Energy in Other African Countries [5]World Bank Funding: Solar Power in Kenya [5]Local Solar Vendors and DistributorsMobile Pay-Go Solar Energy in Zambia Aims at 850,000 Homes [6]Ghana’s Renewable Energy Project of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Wind Power Minigrids [7]QuestionsReferencesSection 3 Definition of Problems, Review and Suggestions for SolutionsLack of Resources, Poor Planning and Poor Project ManagementQuestionsReferencesProblems of Corruption, Zero Productivity and Poor Return on InvestmentSummaryQuestionsFailed Governance, Majorly Contributory to Failed Projects in AfricaDissolution of the Nigeria Steel Development Authority (NSDA)Lack of Continuity and Consistency in Successive Government PoliciesProblem of AccountabilityWay ForwardQuestionsReferencesSection 4 A Framework for Successful Management of Projects, Programmes, and Portfolios using OPM, PPM Lifecycle & PMOA Suggested FrameworkDescription of the Components of the FrameworkQuestionsReferencesProject Portfolio Management (PPM)An Introduction to Project Portfolio ManagementFunctions and NecessityThe PPM PhilosophyImplementation of Project Portfolio ManagementDescribing and Developing the PhasesGate or Phase 1: Classification, Evaluation and SelectionNecessity for Evaluation and SelectionGate or Phase 2: Management and MonitoringGate or Phase 3: Business Plan and BudgetingGate or Phase 4: Project ImplementationMonitoring and ControlFlexibility, Continuity and Key Performance IndexOther Applications of KPIs in PPMUsing BSC to Implement Corporate Strategy Using PPMPPM GovernanceTips for Achieving Good GovernanceDesign of PPM Governance SystemOther Features of PPM Governance SystemPPM Governance and Portfolio ManagementGovernance Implications within the PMOGovernance at the Programme and Project LevelManagement of Corporate Benefits in PPM Implementation, Challenges and Maintenance of PPM Implementation: Suggested Checklist of Key Components Required for Successful Project Portfolio ManagementA Suggested Checklist of Key Components Required for Successful Project Portfolio ManagementQuestionsReferencesProgramme ManagementProgramme Goals and ObjectivesProgramme RoadmapManaging Successful ProgrammesA Specific Work Success StoryQuestionsReferencesProject Management Life CycleThe Process GroupsInitiating Process GroupActivities of the Initiating Process GroupDevelop Project CharterDevelop Preliminary Project Scope StatementPlanning Process GroupDevelop Project Management PlanScope PlanningScope DefinitionCreate Work Breakdown StructureActivity DefinitionActivity SequencingActivity Resource EstimatingActivity Duration EstimatingSchedule DevelopmentCost EstimatingCost BudgetingQuality PlanningHuman Resources PlanningCommunication PlanningRisk PlanningPlan Purchases and AcquisitionsPlan ContractingProject Execution Process GroupMonitoring and Controlling Process GroupIntegrated Change Control ProcessClose Project ProcessAdministrative ClosureContract ClosureQuestionsTransitioning from Project to Operations and MaintenanceQuestionsReferenceContributions of the Book for the Achievement of Success and Sustainability in Project DeliveryTabular Guideline for the Use of the Recommended FrameworkAppendix 1: National Project Management Office (NPMO)Appendix 2: Definitions and Explanations for Frequently Used Project Management Words for Busy Executives and Managers in Developing CountriesAppendix 3: KPI-BSC LinkAppendix 4: Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)Appendix 5: Tips for PPM SuccessAppendix 6: Programme Benefits ManagementAppendix 7: Key Performance Index (KPI)Appendix 8: Balanced Scorecard (BSC)Appendix 9: Enterprise Risk Management
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