An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies: The Crypto Market Ecosystem

The New Era of Encrypted FinanceThe traditional financial system and its main counterpartsThe New Era of Finance: Encrypting the Financial SystemIntroducing the Main Counterparts of the New Encrypted Financial SystemThe infrastructureThe traded assets"Tokenomics" and valuationFundraisingRegulationNoteBibliographyThe Infrastructure: The Blockchain TechnologyWhat is Blockchain Technology?How the Blockchain Technology WorksThe nature of the systemHow it worksSafety, transparency, and irreversibilityHow Blockchain Mining WorksBlockchain Consensus MechanismsProof of work (PoW)Proof of stake (PoS)Delegated proof of stake (DPoS)Proof of space/capacityProof of elapsed time (PoET)Proof of importance (Pol)Proof of burn (PoB)Blockchain 2.0: The Ethereum PlatformSmart ContractsAlternative Uses of Blockchain TechnologyBig dataPublic sectorVotingTourism industryAML and KYCSharing economyNotesBibliographyDefinitions and Taxonomy: Digital Currencies, Virtual Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, and TokensDigital currenciesVirtual currenciesCryptocurrenciesTokensHow Cryptocurrency Transactions WorkProperties and Main Characteristics of CryptocurrenciesDecentralizationSafetyTransparencyIrreversibilityAnonymityConvertibilityFinite supplyAltcoins (Alternative Cryptocurrencies)Trends in the Cryptocurrency MarketStablecoinsFiat-collateralized stablecoinsCrypto-collateralized stablecoinsNoncollateralized stablecoinsNotesBibliography“Tokenomics” and ValuationBarriers to Pricing and ValuationToken Supply and Demand ModelQuantity Theory of MoneyToken Economics of UtilityCombining the Monetary Policies and the Economics of UtilityThe Discounted Cash Flow ModelTechnical AnalysisAssumptions of technical analysisTools of technical analysis and some crypto market examplesLine/bar chartsGeometrical patternsIndicators and oscillatorsTechnical analysis and the crypto market: exploring the EMHNoteBibliographyFundraising: Initial Coin OfferingsDefining Initial Coin OfferingsThe Road to ICOsHow ICOs WorkMain Features of an ICOTokensThe Importance of White Paper in ICOsComparing ICOs with IPOs and CrowdfundingICOs and IPOsICOs: crowdfundingBibliographyThe Regulatory FrameworkIntroductionUnited StatesSingaporeCanadaChina and South KoreaUnited KingdomAustraliaSwitzerlandJapanEuropean Union (EU)Comparative Analysis and Conclusions of Regulatory ApproachesNotesBibliography
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