Social Construction and Social Development in Contemporary China

A study on basic ideas and strategies for establishing a new urban housing systemHousing system and long-term national stabilityEstablishing a new housing systemNecessary conditions for deepening the housing system reformSteps and main measures to realize the transition to a new housing systemQuantity’ and standard of salesAccelerate rent reform while selling housesThe issue of compensating employees not living in public housingNew method for new peopleSetting up housing development and management companies as a transitional medium for the establishment of a new urban housing systemActively and steadily setting up the housing marketFully implementing and improving the system of housing provident funds in an all-round wayOrganizing and setting up home loan banks is imperativePromote vigorous development of housing construction and construction industry’NotesA new situation and new tasks at the new stage of rural development: some suggestions on carrying out the campaign for building new socialist rural areas centered on the development of small townsNew problems at the new stage of rural developmentTasks at the new stage of rural developmentStart a nationwide campaign to build a new socialist countryside centered on the development of small townsObjectives of carrying out the new rural movementNotesAccelerating the reform of the current household registration systemThe program of building a new countryside of Jiangsu province should be halted immediatelyTowards a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development of Chinese societyComprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development: the proposal and application of a new outlook on developmentMain contradictions and problems in social developmentNatural disasters occurred frequently in 2003, making it a year of multiple disastersSocial trends in 2004: implementing the new strategy of comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable developmentMaking overall plans to achieve a coordinated economic and social developmentMaking overall plans to achieve a coordinated development in urban and rural areasMaking overall plans for regional development to achieve a coordinated development in the three major regions of eastern, central, and western ChinaMaking overall plans to achieve harmonious development between humanity and natureNotesTheory and practice of social constructionProposal and formation of the theory of social constructionMeaning and main contents of social constructionAdjustment and construction of social structureConstruction of mechanisms of social mobilityConstruction of social organizationsConstruction of coordinating mechanisms for interest relations of social strataDevelopment of social undertakingsConstruction of a social security systemCommunity buildingConstruction of the public security systemConstruction of social management mechanismsLike in economic construction, we should do a good job in social constructionNotesThe core task of social construction at the new stage: adjustment of social structureChina has entered a new stage centered on social constructionCoexistence of outstanding economic achievements and sharp social contradictionsChina has entered a new stage focusing on social constructionThe core task of social construction is to adjust the social structureProfound changes in contemporary Chinese social structureSubstructure: dramatic demographic changesStructures of social integration: family and organization structures are constantly changingStructure of necessity-pushed activities: changes in the three major structural markets of employment, income distribution, and consumptionSpatial structure: continuous adjustment of the allocation of resources and opportunities between urban and rural areas, and among regionsStatus structure: a modern structure of social strata has been initially formedContribution of social structural changes to the development of China’s economyThe recovery of the economic functions of the family promotes economic developmentAdjusting the employment structure to rationalize the allocation of labor forceThe return of the functional autonomy of social organizations promotes the reform of the economic systemAdjustment of urban-rural structure enables the unfolding of the spatial build-up effects of resources and opportunitiesThe rise and development of new social strata greatly enhances the vitality’ of the socialist market economyThe crux of many current social contradictionsPolicy orientation of social structure adjustmentThe focuses of social structure adjustmentSpecific policy recommendations for the adjustment of social structureNotesBuilding new socialist cities should be the strategic focus of the Twelfth Five-Year PlanChina’s current economic and social situation, and social constructionAn analysis of the current economic and social situationMajor contradictious in the Chinese society at presentStructural analysis of the contradiction of unbalanced and uncoordinated economic and social developmentProfound changes have already taken place in China’s social structureCurrently, China’s social structure lags behind its economic structure by about 15 yearsChina has entered a new stage of social constructionThe main task of social construction at the new stageThe meaning of social constructionMain contents of social constructionDevelopment of social undertakingsSocial institutions and social normsSocial management and the social security systemAdjustment of the social structureSeveral issues concerning the promotion of social constructionNotesSocial construction is the realization of social modernizationSocial construction is the realization of social modernizationMain content and tasks of social constructionThree stages of social constructionNotesChina’s main task in the next 30 years is social modernization 30 years is social modernizationChina’s economy is basically modernized, while social construction is still lagging behindChina has entered a new stage centered on social constructionChina’s main task in the next 20 years is social modernizationNoteThe era of social construction has arrived
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