Media and Science-Religion Conflict: Mass Persuasion in the Evolution Wars

Rethinking the Evolution Wars: Columbine and mass persuasionHuman status and persuasionThe rise of the Evolution Wars and its persuasive mass mediaChallenging the Darwin-skepticsMoving Evolution Wars research forwardNotesThis age of propaganda: media effects and persuasion researchPropaganda and its analysisFrom propaganda to media effects modelsConsidering persuasionEvolution Wars media and persuasion techniquesCultural cognition and moral influencesThe complexities of propaganda and persuasionNotesEchoing credibility: source cues and repetitionSource CuesMessenger credibilitySource attractionMessage repetitionSource cues and repetition in antievolutionist mediaExpertise claims in ICR mediaMessage repetition and AiG source cuesSource cues and intelligent designCounter-creationist source cues: NCSE and BioLogos mediaNotesCasting doubt and conspiracies: asking questions in the Evolution WarsAsking questionsIntention questionsRhetorical questionsAsking questions in Darwin-skeptic mediaRhetorical questions, fear, and conspiracy theoriesRhetoricals in AiG communicationsIntelligent design media and rhetorical queriesAsking questions and proevolutionist mass communicationsThe New Atheists and rhetorical questionsAsking questions in BioLogos and NCSE mediaNotesComparisons and suppression: the contrast principle, negativity, and scarcity effectsComparing, negativity and censorshipThe contrast principleThe negativity effectThe scarcity principleContrast, negativity and scarcity in antievolutionist mediaInstitute for creation research contrast claimsAiG’s use of the Contrast Principle and Negativity EffectIntelligent design contrast and censorship claimsThe Contrast Principle and Negativity Effect in proevolutionist mediaNew atheist contrast and negativityContrast cues in BioLogos and NCSE articlesFrom contrast to jargon and statisticsNotesThree kinds of lies: statistics, jargon, and social consensusNumbers, jargon and disruptionsStatisticsTechnical jargonDisnipt-then-reframeSocial consensusMultiple sourcesSocial proofUnderdog effectsStatistics, jargon and social consensus in antievolutionist mediaICR media, stats and jargonAiG, inoculation, statistics and jargonStats and technical language in CSC mediaStatistics, jargon and antievolutionist credibilityProevolutionist communications, statistics, jargon and social consensusNumbers, jargon, and consensus in BioLogos and NCSE articlesThree kinds of lies: statistics, persuasion and propagandaNotesCues, culture, and moral values: assessing the hypothesesReexamining source cues and repetitionRhetoricals and values discoursesThe Contrast Principle, negativity, and scarcityStatistics and consensus cuesConflict claims and values: reassessing evolution wars persuasionFrom hypotheses to propositionsNotesFrom science-skepticism to intervention: enhancing pro-evolution communicationsComparable tactics: antivaccination and antievolutionist persuasion effortsThe challenge of modifying attitudes and actionsSupplementary influence strategiesThe second weapon: persuasion and mass mediaA call to persuasive arms: framing a better responseNotesAppendix: Arousal of emotions and self-referencingArousal of emotions (fear)Self-referencingNotes
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