Beyond EHR: Using Technology to Meet Growing Demands and Deliver Better Patient Care

The Current State of the Healthcare IT MarketConducting a HIPAA Security Rule Risk AnalysisEmerging New MarketsProjected GrowthPredictionsSummaryResourcesCloud ComputingMultitenant vs Single InstanceWhat Are the Risks?Adoption ConcernsWhat Is next?SummaryResourcesCybersecurity Threats beyond EHRCybersecurity Breaches on the RiseExternal AttacksInsider ThreatsSocial EngineeringCybersecurity and Today’s Healthcare Chief Information OfficerThird-Party VendorsPrivacy and Security Risk AnalysisPenaltiesCompleting the Security Risk AnalysisSummaryResourcesHealth Information Technology ComplianceCompliance – Then to NowVarious Stages of Program IncentivesHow to Achieve Regulatory ComplianceSummaryResourcesUsing Artificial Intelligence in HealthcareWhat Is Artificial Intelligence?Listening Devices and Web AppsFacial Recognition AI in HealthcareAI in the Exam RoomThe Ethics of AIMoving forward with an AI StrategySummaryAI ResourcesBibliographyImproving Patient Engagement with TechnologyWhat Is Patient Engagement?Using Information Technology (IT) to Build Long-Term Patient EngagementWhat Is Gamification?How Can Gamification Be Used to Engage Patients?Six Trends to Take Patient Engagement to the Next LevelSummaryResourcesEHRs and TelemedicineWhat Is Telehealth?Telehealth or Telemedicine?The Business Case for Telehealth ServicesCommon Telehealth Delivery ModelsRegulatory ConsiderationsFraud and Abuse ConsiderationsYour Telehealth Program and EHRsPrivacy and Security ConsiderationsStandards and GuidelinesContracting for TelemedicineOther Operational ImplicationsThe Role of Telehealth in the Fight against COVID-19SummaryResourcesAdvanced Analytics and Dashboard ReportingUsing Workflow Management Tools to Monitor OperationsDashboard FeaturesFive Essential Features of a DashboardThree Critical Types of Healthcare DashboardsPhysician or Provider DashboardExecutive DashboardPatient Engagement DashboardSummarySourcesInteroperabilityLevels of InteroperabilityFour Levels of InteroperabilitySummarySourcesVendor Contracting and NegotiationsThe Fundamentals of Negotiating Vendor ContractsUnderstanding Types of Vendor ContractsSample Vendor Contract LanguageSummaryResourcesImplementation and Project ManagementImplementing a PMOEstablishing a PMO FrameworkSummaryResourcesFuture Healthcare Information Trends and the Internet of ThingsThe IT-Driven Remote Workforce TrendsTelehealth TrendsTelehealth by the NumbersInfection Control Technology TrendsArtificial Intelligence (AI) TrendsBlockchain in Healthcare TrendsThe Internet of Things (IoT) TrendsIOT Concerns and RiskSummaryResourcesTools and PoliciesProject Management Policies and ToolsStep One – Define Roles and ResponsibilitiesStep Two – Organize Processes and TasksProject Staffing ModelsEHR Readiness Assessment ToolsVendor Vetting ToolsRequest for InformationRequest for ProposalSample Demo ScriptSample Vendor Demo ScorecardCommentsSample Site Visit ChecklistReturn on Investment (ROI) Tool
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