APPENDIX A: A First Day Thinking

  • 1. What languages do you speak?
  • 2. Where did you learn them?
  • 3. What Englishes do you speak?
  • 4. How did you learn them?
  • 5. What geographical regions are they associated with?
  • 6. What communities do your languages connect you to?
  • 7. Do they differ in prestige? How?
  • 8. Do you change the way you speak depending on the context in which you are speaking?
  • 9. How do you change your speech?
  • 10. Why do you change it?

APPENDIX B: AutoBio and Literacy Narrative Assignment: Guidelines Document

Dear Student,

Please write a two-page introduction/autobiography & literacy narrative. Please also add a page with photos. The photo pages should be separate from the two-page autobiography & literacy narrative. The photo/photo should show you doing something you enjoy. You can also include photo/photos of you or with people you care about or in a place that is important to you. Please remember as we discussed in class, you are telling me a story/communicating something about you to me.

Include the Following: (3 pages)

Bio: Page 1

What is your name? Where are you from?

What is your major? Why did you choose this major?

Is English your native language? What other languages do you speak? What languages have you studied? What was your experience studying languages?

What are your strengths as a student? What are things you would like to improve?

What is difficult for you when you write or speak in English? What is easier?

Do you like to write? Explain your answer.

How did you do in your last writing class? (EAD 154,155 (if retake).

What did you improve? What do you need to work on? (use the language of the EAD grading rubric)

What goals do you have for our class?

What do you like to do in your free time?

Please tell me anything you would like me to know about you.

Literacy Narrative Part: Page 2

When was the first time as a very young boy or girl that you realized that words/language/writing is very important?

Photo/Photos: Page 3

NOTE: Please do not forget to include your photo/photos on a separate page! FORMATTING:

Thank you!

Language Narrative Assignment [Chapter 2]:

APPENDIX C: Language Narrative Assignment [Chapter 2]: Introduction to Writing, Rhetoric, and Language Course

For this assignment, I'd like you to consider the question “What languages do you speak?” And I’d like you to write about where you speak your languages, and how they fit together. How does this composite of languages affect your identity? How does it connect you to your different communities? And what do you value most about them?

¡NOTE: Students were offered two variations on this part of the assignment—one asked “What Englishes do you speak?” and the third asked them to describe their “relationship with English.” All three options included the following second paragraph :|

You may use your answers to your “Education & Language Background Survey” as a starting point, but don’t simply copy your answers there—choose the most important or the most interesting ones and expand them in more depth. Develop those answers by reflecting on what each of your languages means to you, using

  • • specific incidents from your experience that illuminate your attitudes and/ or your learning process
  • • at least three quotations/references to three different readings from Part 1 of the course

APPENDIX D: Questions for Transnational Graduate Student Interviews

I. Language background/Early education/Translingual experience (prior to U.S.)

A. What languages/local dialects did you hear growing up? In your family, at school, in the streets, etc. Which did you use among your friends? Which do you identify as a “native speaker” of?

B. What was/is your relation to Putonghua/Mandarin? (Is there another name that you use for the “standard” dialect? E.g. Hanyu).

C. When did English enter the picture in your education? What roles did it play at primary and secondary levels? Was it a required course? Do you think that the way it was taught prepared you well for the reading and writing tasks you would need to perform later on at Rutgers?

D. Did you take private English lessons in addition to what you were taught in school?

E. Besides formal education, what other experiences did you have with English before coming to the U.S.? E.g. English language media, travel, English-speaking visitors.

II. Disciplinary language/English medium instruction (college & grad levels)

A. In your undergraduate courses, were courses taught in English, Putonghua, or a combination? Specify as much as possible: i.e. were readings in English? Instructor lectures? Class discussions? Instructions and questions (e.g. “What is the homework?”) Study groups or informal discussions with classmates?

B. What were you asked to read as an undergraduate in your field and in what language?

C. What writing assignments were you given as an undergraduate in your field and in what language?

D. What has the adjustment been like for you to a U.S. institution and English medium reading and writing?

E. If you’ve been teaching, how is that going, with regard to English? What’s the hardest thing about teaching U.S. students?

F. If you had to give a lecture about a technical topic in your field to a Putonghua-speaking audience in China, would that be difficult for you?

G. What’s the hardest thing about reading in your field?

H. READ ALONG: Let’s read a little. Take us through your process regarding a reading in your field.

III. Transnational experience/“International student” status

A. Why graduate school in the U.S.?

B. When did you first start thinking about grad school in the U.S.? Was there a particular person’s advice or an incident that helped lead you in that direction?

C. What was the process like a. on the Chinese end (bureaucracy, exams, etc.), b. on the U.S. end (applying to grad programs (how many?), visa issues, and c) regarding language (TOEFL or Versant exams, etc.)?

D. Do you feel like you’re living in two places? If so, when do you get that feeling?

E. Outside the classroom, how much do you associate with a) other Chinese students b) other international students, and c) U.S. students? How often do you use your non-English language(s)?

F. What are your future plans/ambitions? Do you see yourself in academia/ business? Here/China/Somewhere Else? Why? Future use of English and other languages.

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