Housing Displacement: Conceptual and Methodological Issues

Displacement as a concept and a realityDisplacement and gentrificationDisplacement sans gentrificationThrust and outline of the bookNotesReferencesCouncil Estate Renewal in London: The Challenges of Evidencing its Gentrification-Induced DisplacementIntroductionThe challenge of evidencing displacement from London’s council estatesConclusionsReferencesOvercoming the Limits of Theory: Conceptual Musings on DisplacementIntroductionPlacing displacement?Displacement from the banks of the SabarmatiThinking back - they must move and resettle somewhere elseDisplacement as class exploitationDisplacement as raceDisplacement as resettlementConclusionNotesReferencesA Landscape of Post-Gentrification?: A Renovation Case in SwedenIntroductionKvarngardet and GranbyGentrification in a Swedish contextRenovationsGentrification or not? Working through methodologyIf not gentrification, then what? Towards accumulation in a post-gentrification landscapeConclusionNotesReferencesEmotional Displacement: Misrecognition, Symbolic Violence, and Loss of PlaceIntroductionAffect and emotions of displacement in the gentrification literatureA conceptual framework for emotional displacement: misrecognition, symbolic power, symbolic violenceStories of emotional displacementConclusionsReferencesThe Biopolitics of Displacement: Komfortfokozat, Racism, and Post-Socialist Gentrification in Budapest’s Eighth DistrictIntroductionRethinking post-socialist gentrification: super-homeownership and biopoliticsBiopolitical gentrification: komfortfokozat, the Roma population, and displacementConclusionReferencesSpeculating Upon San Francisco’s Futurity: From Shell Company Evictions to Decolonial ActionIntroductionSpeculationSpeculative evictionsShells and shellmoundsCommunity-based action and researchDecolonizing speculationNoteReferencesKeeping out the Poor: Banishment as an Urban Renewal StrategyIntroductionCity-wide rental restrictions as banishmentLimited effectsBanishment as practiceThe uses of banishmentConclusionNoteReferencesCommon Resistance against State-Led Stigmatization and DisplacementIntroductionBackground: producing inequality and discontent through housing politicsState-led territorial stigmatization and displacementSubverting ghetto stigmatization and common resistanceConclusionsNotesReferencesHousing Displacement in Australian Cities: A Brisbane Case StudyIntroductionThe transformation of Brisbane’s inner city and its implication for displacementThe early stages of the transformation of the inner city: renovationThe second stage of the transformation of the inner city: urban consolidationInner city revitalization and implication for displacementThe stories of displaced householdsDisplacement in Australian citiesConclusionReferencesGreen Gentrification and Displacement in BarcelonaIntroductionDefining green gentrification and displacementThe transformation and greening of democratic BarcelonaGreen gentrification and displacement trends in BarcelonaConclusionNotesReferencesA Dialogue on Displacement as Entwined ColonialismUntangling ‘displacement’ from the frameworks of gentrification theoryThe temporalities and historical roots of displacementThe difficulties of evidencing displacementEmotional and experiential dynamics of displacementReferences
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