Communicating Identities

From Research to ImplicationsA. IntroductionB. Organization of Part 1C. Starting With the Big IssuesD. Conceptualizing Language Learner IdentityRelationship to the WorldConstructed Across Time and SpacePossibilities for the FutureInequitable, Social StructuresDay-to-Day Social InteractionLanguage as Constitutive of and Constituted ByGive Learners the Opportunity to SpeakE. Conceptualizing Language Teacher IdentityF. Implications of Identity Research for ApplicationG. Looking Ahead: Communicating IdentitiesFrom Implications to ApplicationA. IntroductionB. Reflexing IdentitiesActivity 1: This Is (Not) Like MeActivity 2: Celebrating BirthdaysActivity 3: What Makes Me Me?Activity 4: TweetingActivity 5: Memories and SmellsActivity 6: Maps of the WorldActivity 7: Using Our Brains!Activity 8: The Genders of ObjectsActivity 9: Food and IdentityActivity 10: Author PresenceActivity 11: Chickens in CagesActivity 12: My Ideal HolidayC. Projecting IdentitiesActivity 13: Introducing OurselvesActivity 14: What’s in a Name?Activity 15: Gay Men Playing RugbyActivity 16: Relationships and AgeActivity 17: The Clothes We WearActivity 18: Why Is Facebook So Popular?Activity 19: Idiomatic LanguageActivity 20: Make Your Own CartoonActivity 21: There’s a Little Bit of Good in EveryoneActivity 22: Proverbs and YouActivity 23: Justifying Your OpinionActivity 24: Pictures at an ExhibitionD. Recognizing IdentitiesActivity 25: A Good FriendActivity 26: Who Are These Women?Activity 27: Film CriticActivity 28: Identity TheftActivity 29: Teacher RolesActivity 30: Gendered Identities in OccupationsActivity 31: StereotypingActivity 32: Questioning National IdentitiesActivity 33: Designing a QuestionnaireActivity 34: Writing a ReportActivity 35: No Laughing MatterActivity 36: The Language of AdsE. Imagining IdentitiesActivity 37: What Kind of Wild Animal?Activity 38: Me Flying HighActivity 39: My Dream RoomActivity 40: Names for (Online) GamersActivity 41: The Aliens Have LandedActivity 42: Speaking English TomorrowActivity 43: Identity QuotesActivity 44: Different PerspectivesActivity 45: What Makes Them Them?Activity 46: Social Justice and AdvertisingActivity 47: Consumer IdentityActivity 48: Transport of the FutureFrom Application to ImplementationA. IntroductionB. Organization of Part 3C. Characteristics of the CurriculumD. Planning ActivitiesE. Implementing Activities in the ClassroomF. What Should We Do After the Activities?From Implementation to ResearchA. IntroductionB. Organization of Part 4C. What Is Exploratory Action Research?D. Selecting Topics to ExploreReflection on Classroom LifeManageable, Urgent, Significant, and Engaging (MUSE)Activities in Part 2Post-Activity Teacher Reflections in Part 2Further Topic ResourcesE. Gathering InformationF. Narrative InquiryCollecting Stories ------------► Analyzing StoriesCollecting Data ------------► Constructing StoriesG. Making Sense of the Information GatheredMultiple Exposure and Critical ReflectionAsking QuestionsSearching for ThemesContent and ContextH. Sharing Your FindingsI. Conclusion
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