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A short course of lectures
«Sociological Theory and the Question of Religion»

Ritual PromiscuityCritical Discourse Analysis in the Sociology of ReligionDeproblematising ModernityBeyond Structure and Agency: Critical Hermeneutics in the Study of Religion and GenderListening, Meaning and ModernityThe Supernatural, Ritual and UncertaintyPutting Baby Back in the Bath: Theorising Modernity for the Contemporary Sociology of ReligionBrief Concluding RemarksList of ContributorsThe Hereafter and its RewardsThe Sacramental Mechanism: Religion and the Civilizing Process in Christian Western Europe with Particular Reference to the Peace of God Movement and its AftermathThe Problem at HandNew QuestionsThe Axial Age Religions: The Debate and its Legacy for Contemporary SociologySaying the UnsaidHope and ReligionModernity in the DockPax Dei and its ReverberationsSimmel and DurkheimThe Dialectic Transcended: Beyond Popular ReligionAcknowledgementsWeber, Universalism and ChinaMultiple ModernitiesPutting Baby Back in the BathBourdieu and GenderTheory in the Study of ReligionMammonismThe Sacramental Mechanism and the Prohibition of ViolenceWhat Sort of Theory Should We Use?The Civilizing ProcessThe Nature of Social TheoryReligion and the Civilizing ProcessStudying Multimodal ReligionListening as the Practice of RationalityLearning to ListenIII. Religion and ModernityGod as a Symbol of SocietyV. Power, Gender and DiscourseThinking Sociologically about Religion: A Step Change in the Debate?IV. Ethnographies of Listening to Churches: aesthetics and rationalityAcknowledgementTowards an Ontology of Social Relations in the Study of Gender and ReligionFeminist Critique of Masculine DominationKarl Jaspers, Max Weber and the Axial AgeBeyond Habitus: Researching Gender and Religion through the Ontology of Social RelationsThe Current VolumeThe Dialectic of the Popular and the EruditeCritical Discourse Analysis and Critical Sociology of ReligionWhat Sort of Social Theory Would Benefit the Sociology of Religion?Evidence of ChangeDifferent Situations Call for Different Methodological SensitivitiesII. History and ReligionBeing CriticalGod/Money EquationA Broad Perspective on the Aestheticization of ReligionCapitalism as ReligionListening Subjects, Rationality and ModernityLatin America: The Dialectic Transcended in a Time of Both Religious Revival and SecularizationThe Discursive Dialectics of SecularisationUnderstanding DiscourseSimmel's Concept of ReligionThe Secularization of Religious Reason in Liberation TheologyThe Embeddedness of DiscourseReligion and Monetary Culture in the Sociology of Georg SimmelCritical Sociology of Religion and the Importance of DiscourseMoney/Religion ComplexStudying Religion and Gender with (and against) BourdieuAestheticization: The Social ContextChristmas Concerts: An Evocative RitualExchange in a Secularized Religious SettingI. The State of the Art and Science of the Sociology of ReligionMoney/Society EquationRecent Developments in British Sociology of ReligionNew InitiativesReligion as Legitimate IdentityPlaying the Sensual Card in Churches: Studying the Aestheticization of ReligionOpium of the People - and More
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