Corporate Responsibility and Political Philosophy: Exploring the Social Liberal Corporation

The Emergence of the Social Liberal CorporationThe Corporation in Political PhilosophyReferencesI The Corporation in Liberalism and Corporate Moral AgencyThe Corporation and Free Markets in Classical Liberalism and Its CriticsFrom the Manufacturer to the Industrial OrganizationAdam Smith: Free Markets and Colonial MonopolyHegel and the Mediating CorporationMarx, Production, and CooperativesReferencesExcluding the Corporation From the Political: Rawls and HabermasRawlsApplying the Principles of Justice to the Corporate SphereThe Basic Structure Argument and the CorporationRawls and the Social Liberal CorporationHabermasSystem and Lifetvorld Readings of the CorporationDeliberative Democracy and Corporations as Partners of Civil SocietyReferencesCorporate Moral Agency and Political Theory of the FirmIntroduction to the Debate on Corporate Moral AgencyThe List-Pettit Account of Corporate Moral Agency: FunctionalismObjections to the List-Pettit AccountCorporate Moral Agency and the Social Liberal CorporationReferencesII Corporate Responsibility and Political PhilosophyAristotelian Organizations and Corporate Responsibility: ConservatismAristotle and the Business Organization as a Site for the VirtuesLeaders and VirtuesEpistemic Injustice Inside the Business OrganizationReferencesMarket Liberalism, the Firm, and the Market Failures ApproachMarket Liberalism and Theory of the FirmThe Separation Thesis and Degrees of Market LiberalismThe Market Failures ApproachReferencesRepublicanism and Corporate Citizenship Theory: First Aspect of the Social Liberal CorporationCorporate Citizenship and RepublicanismThe Corporation as Citizen, Government, and Stakeholder ArenaCorporate Citizenship in Need of Clarification?ReferencesPolitical CSR and the Second Aspect of the Social Liberal CorporationConnecting Political CSR and the OrganizationDemocratic Pluralism of Organizational GovernancePolitical CSR, the Public-Private Distinction, and the Theory of the FinnThe Social Connection ModelPolitical CSR and Levels of JustificationThe “Priority of Democracy to Philosophy”Democracic System and Political CSRProspects for Political CSR and the Social Liberal CorporationReferencesDebunking Corporate Responsibility – Critical Theory and Market IdeologyResilient CapitalismCritical Management Studies and CSRExploitation: Towards a Positive Critical Theory of Corporate ResponsibilityReferencesIII Applications of Corporate Responsibility–Contemporary IssuesWho’s Responsible for the Supply Chain? Iris Marion Young’s Social Connection ModelResponsibility for Sweatshop ExploitationBusiness and Human RightsReferencesDigital and Financial Firms: The Limits of Corporate ResponsibilityDigital FirmsFinancial FirmsReferencesSustainability and Climate Change: The Case for Corporate EnvironmentalismCorporate EnvironmentalismCorporate Citizenship and the EnvironmentThe SDGs and Climate ChangeReferences
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