Gender and Environment

Linking gender and the environmentClarifying geographical termsHow gender IntersectsDefining genderGender relations and the environmentThe structure of the bookRecommended readingThe gendering of scienceThe dominance of the ‘scientific method’The position of women In Western scienceGendering science researchResearching In the neoliberal universitySummaryRecommended readingConceptualising gender-environment relationshipsA summary of ecofeminismFailings of liberal feminism and a resurgence of ecofeminlsmMasculinities and ecofeminismFeminist political ecologyQueer and trans ecologyPractical applications of conceptsSummaryNoteRecommended readingThe bodyThe lived bodyHow gendered bodies are affected by environmental pollutionHow environmental problems exacerbate gendered violence and abuseThe violence of fertility controlBodies as ‘sites of contestation’Bodily relationships: the clothing IndustryResearchers are bodies tooSummaryNoteRecommended readingWorkChanges In household practices In the global NorthDomestic and care workDomestic work, care and the environmentEnvironmental CitizenshipPaid WorkGendering of environmental jobsGender-sensitive environmental planningSummaryRecommended readingWebsiteThe global scopeInternational action linking gender equality and environmental issuesGender and climate change governanceGender and the global political economyGender, disasters and International ImpactsGendered impacts of wars for resourcesGendered experiences of migrationsSummaryNotesRecommended readingGender and waste: A synthesisWaste as a conceptThe gendering of paid waste workWaste management as houseworkBodies and wasteHuman wastePollutionWaste behaviour as embodied practiceWaste as an International problemImplications of seeing waste as a gendered issueSummaryRecommended reading
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