Retention Tools

Find the Factors Behind Employee and Manager Satisfaction in Your Company by Using Customized Satisfaction Questionnaires

Do your own tailor made research—Don't use “off-the-rack” questionnaires. It's not difficult to create your own satisfaction measurement and analyse your data with factor analysis. You need to discover the driving factors behind the behaviour and behind the verbal feedback which is, at most times, a logical concept rather than indistinguishable emotional feedback.

Don't Wake Up Too Late: Be Aware of Your Employees' Plans to Change

Unfortunately employee turnover carries a heave price tag. The biggest damage is of emotional nature—the team feeling is disturbed. Loosing valuable employees is accompanied by unintentional costs, knowledge loss and it deteriorates employee satisfaction rates in the factors “Brand” and “Team.” Before you take measures to enhance your retention rate you should become aware of the reasons why people leave. One popular reason most certainly will be “lack of appreciation.” You will have to answer the why-question not only to change your employees' minds but also your own behaviour or even your company's culture. You may use exit surveys and interviews to root the cause.

Pivot Retention Relevant Value Propositions

If you want to maintain a competitive advantage as employer of first choice, you should work on your organization's value proposition in terms of retention. Despite your company's specific areas of trouble (your company's specific factors), that should be detected with factor analysis and that need to be addressed in a customized manner, the measures you most likely are going to detect may be assembled under generic themes such as provide a compelling future, opportunities for individual growth, a positive work environment, work-life balance, insurance and financial rewards.

Don't Only Focus on Fundamental Retention Philosophy: Do Also Invest in Dynamic Change Management

Once you are aware of your employees' reasons to change and once you have detected the retention relevant value proposition of your company, you have to strengthen your efforts by articulating a fundamental philosophy guiding your actions and decisions. Only by raising your retention relevant measures into your overall company strategy by fostering a commonly agreed and goal-oriented philosophy you will be able to lend it the importance it will need for a permanent ascertainment and successful change management.

Don't Ask, Who Is Worth the Effort—This Is a Hazardous Question—Do the Best to Empower Team Spirit

Who are the people you want to support? This question soon may lead to the conclusion that not all employees are of equal value for your company and not all of them are worth the effort. This discrimination is dangerous since it creates a culture that is discouraging. It is distinguishing important people who are placed on a pedestal and people that are replaceable and of no value to the company. Retention tools should be provided on all levels and be adapted adequately to serve the needs and expectations of employees in a feasible manner. Remember, there are high performers and high potentials as well as people with scarce and important company knowledge. Don't forget: our basic culture was formed in a family environment and we are highly trained as team players.

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