Selected Resources


Website: Twitter: @AidSource1

AidSource is an online networking site for individuals involved in international aid work. It contains extensive resources, discussion threads, and shared calendars. Free memberships are available to access all content on the website. Web.

Building Bridges: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange Programs, Susan Sygall and Cindy Lewis, eds.

Mobility International USA / National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, 262 pages, 2006 ( [also available for download at no charge]

This comprehensive manual features suggestions and ideas for including, recruiting, and accommodating people with disabilities in international exchange programs. Building Bridges also addresses cross-cultural issues and international service projects and includes an extensive resource section for further research. Print and Web.

Careers in International Affairs, Eighth Edition, Maria Carland and Candace Faber, eds.

Georgetown University Press, 432 pages, 2008 (

Published in cooperation with Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, this book—now in its eighth edition—provides a wealth of insight and information on global careers and networking. The publication includes a selected list of organizations and businesses with brief descriptions and information about application processes. The editors review the challenges, possibilities, and realities of global careers. The book features chapter introductions by experts in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It contains nearly 350 profiles of international organizations, multinationals, banks, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Print.

Careers in International Business

See chapter 12 in this volume.

CEO Job Opportunities Update


CEO Job Opportunities lists executive-level job openings in associations, professional societies, companies, and nonprofit organizations throughout the United State s. It also provides recruiting services and includes articles outlining business trends, recruitment strategies, and global economic issues. Web.

The Chronicle of Higher Education


The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses issues and events concerning institutions and trends in higher learning. The bulletin section lists job openings in various sectors of higher education, including internationally oriented jobs at colleges and universities. Visit for subscription information. Print and Web.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

See chapter 9 in this volume.


Website: Twitter: @devex

Devex (formerly the Development Executive Group) is a membership organization that works to bring efficiency to international development through targeted recruiting and careful analysis of trends, as well as other services. The Devex website hosts a free job board with more than 2,000 international development jobs posted and more than 50,000 visitors each month. Web.


Website: Twitter: @devnetjobs is a resource for jobs within the international development and consulting sector. Individuals can opt for a free membership, which includes a weekly job newsletter; a "Value Membership" for customized job alerts and online searches; or the "Value Membership and Broadcast Resume," which sends information to headhunters. has more than 16,500 recruiters and 500,000 users.


Directory of Executive and Professional Recruiters 2011-2012

BNA Subsidiaries, 1,000 pages, 2010 (

Executive recruiters can provide a channel to relatively high-level jobs that are, in some cases, not advertised on mainstream job boards and search engines. Published since 1971, the "Red Book" can aid your job search with its extensive list of recruiters and search firms, complete with contact information, to help you start networking with executive recruiters. Print and Web.

Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations and Associations

See chapter 6 in this volume.

Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.

See chapter 6 in this volume.

Foreign Policy Association

Website: Twitter: @FPA_ORG

The Foreign Policy Association job board is a free resource and contains job postings from international think tanks and foreign policy research organizations; nonprofit organizations in international exchange, education, development, and related fields; as well as a host of other policy, research, and internationally oriented fields. The board allows you to sign up for a free e-mail newsletter so that job opportunities are delivered directly to your inbox. The FPA website also includes announcements for boot camps and seminars on international careers organized by the FPA. Web.

The Foundation Directory

See chapter 12 in this volume.

Give and Take, Adam Grant

Viking Adult, 321 pages, 2013 (

Give and Take is a book that takes a new look at how individuals perform in the work place. Grant (Wharton's youngest tenured professor) proffers the assumption that all individuals are takers, matchers, or, rarely, givers. Through pioneering research and creative stories, the author argues that, contrary to popular belief, those who give unconditionally are not weak; in fact, they have the capability to become wildly successful. Print.


Website: Twitter: @goabroad has the stated purpose of filling "an information void in the area of international student travel." The website was designed to provide a one-stop information center for students who wish to travel internationally and to link prospective travelers with organizations providing international opportunities and services. The site has an abundance of information regarding travel and living abroad, with details about travel insurance, phone cards, travel gear, and airfare, as well as links to connected sites with distinct URLs on topics such as:

• Studying abroad (

• Interning abroad (

• Volunteering abroad (

• Working abroad (

ICEF Monitor

Website: Twitter: @icefmonitor

ICEF Monitor is a "market intelligence resource for the international education industry." Individuals can subscribe for free daily or weekly updates through e-mail, or follow the Monitor through Facebook and Twitter. The website integrates its information by topic—such as immigration and e-learning—or by region or country. Web.


See chapter 8 in this volume.

IIE Network Membership Directory 2012: Directory of International Educators

Institute of International Education (IIE), 200 pages, 2012 (

The IIENetwork Membership Directory lists more than 6,000 professionals (study abroad directors, international student advisers, university presidents, and many more) at more than 1,200 higher education institutions who are actively engaged in international educational exchange. Online access to the directory is reserved for IIENetwork members. Print.


Website: Twitter: @indeed

The purpose of Indeed is clear from the get-go: with no highlighted features on its homepage except a job search function (enter keyword and city/state, hit "Find Jobs"), it cuts through the clutter present on some other job websites and provides pages and pages of available positions. Indeed searches thousands of major job boards, newspapers, associations, and company career pages—each search hit gives information about where that job was originally posted and when. Patience is required, however, as the volume of options that an Indeed search offers can be overwhelming. Much scrolling and scanning is required to find a job listing that suits your specific interests.


Inside Higher Ed

Website: Twitter: @insidehighered

Inside Higher Ed is a one-stop shop for individuals interested in higher education. The website was created in 2004 by three executives who emphasize the principles of excellence, accessibility, and community. These principles underline the items offered on the website, which include blogs, opinion pieces, professional training opportunities, and a job board for individuals ranging from graduate students to university presidents. Access to the full website, including the job board, is free.


International Career Employment Weekly


International Career Employment Weekly is a newsletter filled with current international jobs in the fields of international development, exchange, education, communication, health care, democracy building, governance, policy, environmental issues, and others. This newsletter has been published since 1991 and has more than 20,000 readers in approximately 160 countries. A subscription is required to receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date listings, though a limited list of "hot jobs" is accessible online for free. Subscription lengths vary from six weeks to two years. Reduced subscription rates are offered for individuals. The newsletter can be delivered via hard copy or e-mail, or it can be accessed directly on the International Jobs Center website. Print and Web.

International Exchange Locator: A Resource for Educational and Cultural Exchange

Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange, 222 pages, 2011 (

The International Exchange Locator offers detailed information about exchange organizations and related governmental agencies including mailing addresses, websites, e-mail addresses, phone/fax numbers, exchange programs descriptions, and key staff members. Tables at the end of the book provide an overview of US Department of State Exchange Visitor J designations, as well as organizations offering programs in specific geographical regions and countries, academic levels (K-12, scholar, teacher exchange, and more), and cultural and professional exchange programs. Print.

Monthly Developments


This monthly newsletter, published by InterAction and started in 1985, provides in-depth news and commentary on global trends that affect relief, refugee, and development work. It features the latest information on the work of InterAction members around the world and keeps readers up-to-date on legislative action in Congress that could affect US foreign assistance. Monthly Developments also describes new resources for relief and development workers, professional growth opportunities, and upcoming events. It includes an extensive list of international employment openings. Print.

NAFSA Job Registry


NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a leading professional association, founded in 1948, that promotes the exchange of students and scholars to and from the United States (see chapter 6, Professional Associations). Its online career center has plenty of useful information for those interested in international education, and its free online job registry is the go-to resource for anyone looking for a job in this field, whether that person is interested in universities, nonprofits, teaching, or in student and scholar services. Web.

See the profile of Fanta Aw for more information. Fanta is president of the NAFSA board of directors for 2013-2014.

Practical Idealists: Changing the World and Getting Paid, Alissa Wilson, Ann Barham, and John Hammock

Global Equity Initiative, Harvard University, 228 pages, 2008 (www

Practical Idealists is based on the concept of expressing one's values and passions through careers and life choices. Wilson, Barham, and Hammock make it clear that it is possible to work for social change and to be paid for doing it. Drawing on interviews with forty "practical idealists," the authors highlight some of the rewards and challenges that individuals will face in their quest to be a force for good in the world. Print.


Website: Twitter: @reliefweb

ReliefWeb is an online gateway to timely information and is administered by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Since its creation in 1996, ReliefWeb has published more than 500,000 reports on humanitarian efforts and events around the world. Beyond a wide range of up-to-date information, the website also offers a job board for internship and job opportunities around the world, as well as training that is hosted either online or on location. Web.

Simply Hired

Website: Twitter: @SimplyHired

Simply Hired allows you to search by entering a keyword and a location. Searching thousands of job boards, newspaper classifieds, and other organization and company pages, this website presents you with a vast number of position openings that are closely (and often not so closely) related to your search requirements. This enables you to see the range of options but can be daunting due to the vast number of job listings you are required to review to find one that might interest you. Simply Hired also offers a free online resume-posting service, allowing you to post your CV on up to five major job boards (including Monster .com,, and at once. Web.

Transitions Abroad: The Guide to Learning, Living, Working, and Volunteering Overseas

Transitions Abroad is a bimonthly magazine that has been published since 1977. Now completely online, it contains practical information for independent-minded travelers. Each issue focuses on alternatives to large-group tourism, including living, working, studying, and volunteering abroad, as well as vacationing directly with the people of the host country. The magazine's emphasis is on enriching, informed, affordable, and responsible travel. Web.

Travel as a Political Act, Rick Steves

Nation Books, 209 pages, 2009 (

Famed travel writer Rick Steves emphasizes the importance of using travel to learn in an active way. He argues that travel can help everyone broaden perspectives, question assumptions, and understand the complexity of current events. Ultimately, active travel and the learning acquired through travel enables people to make more informed political decisions. This book emphasizes the importance of cultural exchange and citizen diplomacy in the twenty-first century. Print.

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