Failed Führers: A History of Britain’s Extreme Right

MethodologyA fascist minimum?Post-war fascism?Recidivists or radicals: ‘neo’-fascism?Continuity in the British fascist tr aditionMilieux and groupusculeNotesArnold Leese: The ‘anti-jewish’ camel doctorKitson and BeamishImperial Fascist LeagueLeese and MosleyThe lure of NazismThe NordicsAnti-SemitismIFL in the East End"Leese for Peace"InternmentPost-warJudgement at NurembergRat linesRebuilding the anti-Semitic internationalYockey‘Keep Br itain White’LegacyNotesSir Oswald Mosley: From ‘Britain First’ to ‘Europe-a-Nation’Post-war politicsEurope-a-NationNation EuropaMobilising against immigrationNotting HillPost-mortem‘The First Reality of Europe’A. James GregorRace and modern scienceThe revivalThe Conference of VenicePunch-up politicsSouth AfricaThe ‘expert forgetter’NotesA.K. Chesterton From: ‘Fascist Revolutionary’ to ‘Jew-wise’ conspiracy theoristEarly lifeBritish Union of FascistsThe Fascist fringeTruthOther literary endeavoursCandourLeague of Empire LoyalistsAnti-ImmigrationKenyaDeclineThe Jeffrey largesseRhodesiaSouth AfricaThe New Unhappy LordsNational FrontEnoch PowellFountaineDisillusionment and deathLegacyNotesColin Jordan: Dreaming of the Nazi ‘Vanguard’League of Empire LoyalistsWhite Defence ForceWhite Defence LeagueBritish National Part)'SpearheadNational Socialist MovementFrançoise DiorLeytonSynagogue arsonsBritish MovementParty time is overLegacyNotesJohn Tyndall: In pursuit of the ‘Anglo-Saxon Reich’Early activismNational Labour PartyBritish National Part)'‘The SS state is now our aim!’Greater Britain MovementNational FrontChairmanThe Ugandan AsiansThe Monday Club‘March and grow’The ‘populist’ challengesplitLewishamThe 1979 general electionTransatlantic travailsResignationBritish National PartyThe Eleventh HourTyndall and Islamvisit to USA‘Rights for Whites’Combat 18End gameLegacyNotesNick Griffin: From the ‘Third Position’ to anti-Muslim ‘populism’... and back againEarly yearsYoung National FrontIdeological recalibrationNationalism TodayPolitical soldiersIdeological inspirationsRising starWebster’s removalReich ‘n’ Roll‘No to Cruise, No to CND’Ulster‘Europe of a hundred flags’The 1986 split‘The New Alliance’LibyaInternational Third PositionThe RuneJoining the BNPThe Rune trialModerniser‘New Leader, Same Cause’Oldham‘Hard talk, Hobbyism and Hitler’KeighleyThe London 7/7 attacksAn amicable divorce?TrialThe Emperor’s new clothesGriffin’s GötterdämmerungAnnus horribilisLegacyNotesContinuity and change on the British fascist fringeThe quest for relevanceNotesSelect bibliography
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