Combination of Laser Toning and IPL

“Laser toning” with Q-switched Nd:YAG 1064-nm laser combined with IPL for the treatment of melasma has been reported to enhance the efficaciousness of the two individual procedures. Skin toning with the QS Nd:YAG laser targets deeper pigment, while IPL targets a wide range of superficial cutaneous structures.

In a study among 20 females with mixed-type melasma on both cheeks, laser toning with the QS Nd:YAG laser was done full face for five sessions at 1-week interval. One side of the face was randomly assigned to receive additional three sessions of IPL treatments at 2-week intervals. At 12 weeks after the last treatment, 18 patients completing the study showed both sides of the face with significant improvement in their mMASI score and melanin indices. A more rapid improvement of mMASI score and melanin indices, however, was observed on the combined side. At the end of treatment, 55 % improvement and 37 % improvement of melanin indices were observed on the combined side and monotherapy side, respectively. The overall patients’ satisfaction was in favor of the combined side. Recurrence occurred on both sides but there was still a significant decrease compared to baseline. No serious side effect was noted. The authors concluded that combination of “skin toning” with QS Nd:YAG lasers and IPL results in faster clearance of melasma and is more effective than skin toning with QS Nd:YAG laser alone. However, recurrence is still inevitable [30].

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