Bureaucracy: A Key Idea for Business and Society

(Re-)introducing bureaucracyWho is this book aimed at?What's the problem?Bureaucracy: a working definitionWhy have I written a book on bureaucracy?Re-introducing bureaucracySo, what about Max Weber?Can we finally lay Weber to rest?Bureaucracy since WeberAnti-bureaucratic attitudes in contextsynopsesI: Bureaucracy: Rave, Rant, RepeatBureaucracy, post-bureaucracy and identity crisisThe early 1900s: from pro-bureaucracy to anti-bureaucracyThe post-war period: from bureaucratic identity crisis to post-bureaucratic identity crisisWhy crisis?Berger et al. (1973) 'The Homeless Mind: Modernization and Consciousness'Giddens (1991) Modernity and Self-identity: Self and Society in the Late Modern AgeSennett (1998) The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New CapitalismBoltanski and Chiapello (2005) The New Spirit of CapitalismEarly 21st century contributionsBeyond post-bureaucracy: A brave new organizational geography?Responses to the post-bureaucratic identity crisisResponse 1: Trade guilds and professional associationsResponse 2: The self as reflexive projectResponse 3: ProjectificationResponse 4: DesecularizationResponse 5: 'New Age' spiritualityShifting organizational landscapesII: Understanding Bureau-phobiaUnderstanding Bureau-phobia part I: Pathological bureaucracyInstitutionalisationWhat did my students teach me?The jobsworthMy experience of jobsworthinessUnderstanding jobsworthinessWhat is the relationship between the jobsworth and bureaucracy?The HolocaustReflecting on bureaupathologyUnderstanding Bureau-phobia part II: Dystopian bureaucracyWhat is dystopia?To what extent is dystopian fiction an influential pedagogical device?Dystopian fiction and bureaucracyBureaucratic themes in dystopian classicsBureaucratic themes in bestselling dystopian fictionAre things any different beyond the bestseller lists?What now?III: Towards a New Education in BureaucracyA bureaucratic biography'Self as datum'Bureaucracy: from one secure bureaucratic holding environment to anotherDinosaurs Playgroup (1980-1981)Our Lady of Muswell Roman Catholic Primary School (1982-1989)St. Ignatius College (1989-1996)The University of Warwick (1997-2001)Electoral Reform Services (2001-2007)The University of Essex (2007-2011)The Findhorn Foundation (2009-2010)VineLogistics (2007-2014)The London School of Management and Science (now defunct)1The University of SuffolkBirths, marriages and deathsNoteWorking with bureaucracyBureaucracy: towards a new educationLessons in bureaucracyThe social anthropology of organizationThe pro forma and paperworkIntra-organizational relationsBureaucracy and cultural contingencyCoping with 'bureaucratic gaps'Bureaucracy outperforms engineered management methodologiesConcluding thoughtsIs non-bureaucratic organization possible?Is bureaucracy an organizational universal?A quantity theory of organizational participationBureaucracy and patternThe epochal dialecticDeleuzian difference/repetitionHierarchyBureaucracy and paradoxThe relationship between paradox, fate, and agencyThe paradox of unintended consequencesThe paradox of charisma and routineThe paradox of bureaucratic flexibilityWhy is paradox so important?Bureaucracy and balanceBureaucracy and sensemakingWhat now?
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