Assessment of the Fibre Orientation and Distribution

The distribution and orientation of fibres in the SFRSCC panel was assessed by an image analysis procedure [15, 19]. The image analysis was carried out on a plane parallel to the notch plane with an offset equal to half the length of the used fibre. The grinded plane was obtained by cutting the specimens after the monotonic four-point bending tests have been carried out. For each series (P = [0—15°[, [15-45°[, [45-75°[ and [75-90°]) five specimens from distinct panel locations were selected. After computation and analysis of the image technique results, the following parameters were derived out [15]: (i) the number of fibres per unit area, N; (ii) fibre orientation factor, цв; (iii) Fibre segregation parameter, ?seg. The number of the effective fibres per unit area, Nf, was also determined by manually counting the fibres that intersected the notched plane of the tested beams and also had the hooked end deformed (in order to be considered a fibre that provided effective reinforcement).

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