Writing this book has been a major chapter in the story of my life. For five years,it has been the centerpiece of what I now recognize to have been a dedicatedpractice of Self-Inquiry. In this process, again and again things have unfolded synchronously in a way which instantiated what I was writing about and made it veryreal for me. At many points I felt like I was receiving a kind of wisdom teaching.Be that as it may, the book wanted to be written. One of the themes in the book is the co-creative process by which new aspectsof ourselves come into being in relationship with others. In this regard, I wantto acknowledge, especially, my husband and deepest conversational partnerRobert Shafer, who, more than anyone, has encouraged my creativity and broughtmy clinical self into being. I also want to express my appreciation to my closefriend and dharma brother Fernando Mata whose intelligence and erudition havebeen a consistent source of inspiration to me over decades of shared philosophical discourse. Other special friends have also been my companions on this path,especially Jean Holroyd, Trudy Goodman, Concetta Alfano, Karen Redding, andRadhule Weininger. Special thanks go to two analytic patients who, mostly unbeknownst to them,have been co-creative partners in the development of my thinking. I will let themremain anonymous here, although they will recognize themselves in what I havewritten about them. I thank them also for generously giving permission to me topublish very intimate, albeit disguised, details of their lives. Also want to recognize and express my gratitude to various editorial partners,whose constructive criticisms were instrumental in helping me define my writtenvoice. My friend, dharma colleague, and editor-in-chief Dave Leggatt laboredlong hours with me as I crafted the structure of the book. His conceptual acuitycontributed enormously to my ability to write clearly about the dharma. NoelleOxenhandler was a superb editorial consultant whose comments affirmed andvalidated the value of this work. Janet Surrey, Joseph Bobrow, Fernando Mata,Sylvia Bercovici, and Phillip Moffitt read drafts of the entire manuscript as it progressed. Their comments helped me sculpt the narrative into a form that readerscould assimilate. Last but not least, Elizabeth Berlese gave painstaking attentionto the construction of every sentence.

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