Cosmology (Space) and Ritual Practice of Time

The cosmology is outlined at the creation of the world, which explains the primordial ordering of time and space. Time may be associated with space in some calendars. In the chronovision and cosmovision of Mesoamerican philosophy it is important to consider whether the various categories of time were associated with a complementary notion of space expressed in spatial-temporal rituals.

Eschatology and Ritual Practice of Time

Eschatological and apocalyptical conceptions and anxieties of a final termination of time can motivate the celebrating of rituals. Potentially, a ritual of time may function as a “crisis ceremonial” for the community, involving a profound psychological aspect. In such a case the survival of the world (space and time) and human beings may depend upon the ritual practice of time, but only if it is observed in an appropriate manner. An eschatological conception connected to the specific calendar ultimately decide the meaning of the ritual practice of time.

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