Calendar Ending / Calendar Inaugurating Rituals of the 260-day Calendar, the 365-day Calendar and the 52-year Calendar

Cyclical systems of time constitute calendar ending and calendar inaugurating rituals. Rituals celebrated at the termination of the 260-day calendar, the 365-day calendar and the 52-year calendar entail an ending of the old and the introduction of a new calendar period.

Rituals could both be performed within a short cycle (the 260-day calendar and the 365-day calendar) and at the end of a cycle (the 260-day and 365-day calendar) of a calendar system, whereas there was only a ritual conclusion of the 52-year calendar and temporal intervals of the Long Count calendar.

The Burner ceremonies constituted ritual structural intervals but not necessarily a calendar-ending ritual since a termination and an initial date of 260-days are not known. Thus, we cannot be sure whether the Burner ceremonies started and completed the postclassic Yucatec 260-day calendar or simply a 260-day period.

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