The Absent Mother in the Cultural Imagination : Missing, Presumed Dead

Absent Mothers in Online MediaMothers in Scholarly Research - Present and AbsentThe Author’s Mother - Revenge, Fear and LongingPsychoanalysis - Maternal Power, Individuation and MatricideHistoric Specificity and Socio-Cultural InfluencesMother’s Death as Narrative DeviceAnalyzing the Dead/Absent Mother-TropeNotesWorks CitedI Theorizing the Absent MotherThe Lady Vanishes: The Rise of the Spectral MotherNotesWorks CitedII The Absent Mother as Protector and AdvisorSaintly Protection: The Postmortem ‘Mothers’ of Medieval Hagiography‘Be War Be My Wo’: Gaynour and Her Mother in The Awntyrs off ArthureDead Mothers and Absent Stepmothers in Slovak and Romani Fairy TalesSlovak and Romani Folk TalesChildren’s StoriesMothers’ StoriesConclusionNoteWorks Cited‘A dumme thynge’: The Posthumous Voice as Rhetoric in the Mothers’ Legacies of Dorothy Leigh and Elizabeth JoscelinIII Shakespeare’s Absent Mothers Revisited‘Born in a tempest when my mother died’: Shakespeare’s Motherless DaughtersBeatriceMarinaPerditaNotesWorks CitedOphelia’s Mother: The Phantom of Maternity in Shakespeare’s HamletMissing Mothers on the Page and Stage: Hamlet and Henry VGender and Genre: Mothers in CriticismDeconstructing Absence and SilenceMissing Mothers in the Shakespearean ContextWives and/or Mothers?Directing Henry V: Absence and ImplicationsEditing HamletNoteWorks CitedIV The Absent Mother as Expendable, or a Threat A Side of Family, Hold the Mother: Dare Wright and Her Fictive Kin in the Lonely Doll SeriesDead, But Not Gone: Mother and Othermother in Holly Black and Ted Naifeh’s The Good NeighborsSituating the Missing Mother as Narrative ScriptThe Good Neighbors: The Missing Fairy MotherMother Myths, Mother BodiesGender Fiction and Maternal Self-SacrificeNotesWorks CitedVictims and Villains: The Legacy of Mother Blame in Violent-Eye American LiteratureSymbolic Matricide Gone Awry: On Absent and—Maybe Even Worse—Present Mothers in Horror MoviesA Mother’s LoveNorman’s FrustrationBilly’s RageCarrie’s DramaRyan’s Gender TroubleA Mother’s DilemmaNotesWorks CitedV Absent Mothers on the Big and Small Screen in the New Millennium Television and the Absent Mother: Why Girls and Young Women Struggle to Find the Maternal RoleSingle Fathers and the Entertainment ArenaLooking for MotherConclusionNotesWorks CitedMarginalizing Motherhood: Postfeminist Fathers and Dead Mothers in Animated FilmTwentieth-Century Animated Films - Fathers and DaughtersChanging Definitions of FatherhoodTwenty-First Century Films - Fathers and SonsThe Postfeminist Widower Becomes Heroic FatherOutcompeting MotherThe Mothering Father and Onscreen ViolenceA World Without Mothers - Fathers Teaching FathersConclusion - What Is a Family?NotesWorks Cited
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