Non-coding RNAs in the Vasculature

Regulation of Atherosclerosis by microRNAsAbstractIntroductionmiRNA-Mediated Regulatory MechanismsRegulatory Mechanisms of miRNA Strands Derived from a Single PrecursorRNA Sponges in the Regulation of miRNA ActivityCirculating miRNAs: Messengers on the MoveRegulation of Inflammatory Macrophage Activation by a miRNA TandemCombined Roles of miR-126-3p and miR-126-5p in Endothelial Regeneration and Their Use in Therapeutic ApproachesLipoprotein-Mediated miRNATransferConclusions and Future WorkReferencesNoncoding RNAs in Cholesterol Metabolism and AtherosclerosisAbstractIntroductionmiRNAs Regulating HDL-C Metabolism and Reverse Cholesterol TransportmiR-33a/miR-33bmiR-33a/miR-33b and AtherosclerosismiRNAs and LDL-C MetabolismmiRNAs That Regulate Cholesterol Biosynthesis and VLDL SecretionmiR-122miR-30c in Lipid Metabolism and AtherosclerosismiR-33a/miR-33bmiR-96/miR-182/miR-183miRNAs That Regulate LDLR Expression and LDL-C ClearancemiR-148amiR-128-1miR-185LncRNAs and Cholesterol MetabolismLeXisLnc-HC and ApoA1-ASLncLSTRConcluding RemarksReferencesMicroRNAs in Diabetes and Its Vascular ComplicationsAbstractIntroductionMicroRNAs in Diabetes MellitusPancreasAdipose TissueMuscleLiverMicroRNAs Modulating the Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Bone Marrow and on Stem and Progenitor CellsMicroRNAs in Diabetic Cardiovascular ComplicationsMicrovascular ComplicationsNephropathyRetinopathyNeuropathyCardiac DiseasePeripheral Vascular DiseaseMicroRNA as Circulating Biomarkers of Diabetic Cardiovascular DiseaseConcluding RemarksReferencesNoncoding RNAs in Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease and Repair MechanismsAbstractTargeting miRNAs to Enhance Cell-Based TherapiesTargeting miRNAs to Induce a Cardiac Phenotype in Pluripotent Stem CellsTargeting miRNAs to Facilitate Cardiac Regenerative PathwaysMiRNAs in the Development and Progression of Heart FailureLong Noncoding RNAs in Cardiovascular DiseaseReferencesCirculating microRNAs as Novel Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease Basic and Technical PrinciplesAbstractIntroductionMicroRNA Biogenesis and FunctionCirculating miRNAsmiRNAs in VesiclesApoptotic BodiesMicroparticlesExosomesmiRNAs in Protein ComplexesmiRNAs in Lipoprotein ComplexesQuantification of Circulating miRNAsSample PreparationSample Processing and HandlingRNA IsolationData NormalisationComprehensive Profiling of Circulating miRNAsMicroarray-Based miRNA ProfilingAmplification-Based ArraysHigh-Throughput SequencingQuantification of Circulating miRNAsQuantitative Real-Time PCRDigital PCRFuture DirectionsReferences
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