True Emotions

AcknowledgementsWhat emotions truly are?What is emotional authenticity?What is emotional truth?Cognition in the structure of emotionCognition in emotion at the functional level of analysisCognition in emotion at the algorithmic level of analysisConceptual contentNonconceptual contentA. Subpersonal and subdoxastic nonconceptual contentB. Noninferential nonconceptual contentC. Fine-grained nonconceptual contentNonconceptual content: Cognitive or noncognitive?ConclusionCognition in the dynamics of emotionMental causes in the constitution of emotionNonconceptual appraisals as constitutive causes of emotionCognitive process models of emotionProcess-oriented appraisal theoriesPsychological constructionismEvaluation of the two process modelsThe argument for cognitivism from emotion regulationThe efficiency of intrinsic emotion regulationImplicit, effortless, and nonconscious regulationCausally efficacious cognitive monitoringConclusionEmotional authenticityThe antinomy of emotional authenticityEmotional authenticity as sincerityRecalcitrant and managed emotionsRecalcitrant emotionsManaged emotionsAuthenticity and sincerityDe Sousa on emotional authenticityEmotional authenticity as integrityThe problem of rationalityThe problem of autonomyThe problem of flexibilityAuthenticity in cultural contextAn Aristotelian objection to authentic emotional ambivalenceConclusionEmotional truthDe Sousa on emotional truthEmotional truthEmotions and truth-aptnessEmotional truth and appropriatenessEmotional truth and accuracyConclusionAuthenticity and occupational emotionsThe problem of emotional authenticity at workEmotional authenticity for Hochschild and beyondBolton's typology of emotion management at workAuthenticity as regulative ideal of coherenceProfessional values, virtues, and emotionsA case study: Authentic emotional labour in nursingConclusionFrom true emotions to sentimental valuesThe challenges of neosentimentalismThe conflation problemReasons of fitAppropriateness as correctnessAppropriateness as truthConclusionConcluding remarks
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