NMR of liquid crystal dendrimers

PrefaceDendrimersNMR of Liquid Crystals and Liquid Crystal DendrimersLiquid CrystalsLiquid CrystalsMesophases of Thermotropic Liquid CrystalsNematic PhasesSmectic PhasesColumnar PhasesMolecular Structures of Liquid-Crystalline DendrimersIntroductionSide-Chain Liquid-Crystalline DendrimersPAMAM- and PPI-Based Liquid-Crystalline DendrimersSilicon-Containing Liquid-Crystalline DendrimersCarbosilane-based dendrimersSiloxane-based dendrimersCarbosilazane-based dendrimersMain-Chain Liquid-Crystalline DendrimersShape-Persistent Liquid-Crystalline DendrimersSupramolecular DendromesogensOther Liquid-Crystalline Dendrimer StructuresFundamentals of Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceIntroductionNuclear ParamagnetismNuclear SpinNuclear MagnetizationInteraction with an External FieldDynamics of Noninteracting Spins: Bloch's EquationsMotion of a Magnetic MomentBloch's EquationsInteraction with an Oscillating Magnetic InductionGenerating Bi and Reading M±The Nuclear Spin HamiltonianReduced Spin Hamiltonian in High-Field NMR SpectroscopyReduced Spin Hamiltonian in High-Field NMR Spectroscopy of Isotropic Liquids and GasesSelection Rules and Transition ProbabilitiesEnergy Spectrum of the Nuclear Spin Hamiltonian in High-Field NMR SpectroscopyEnergy spectrum of a system of n interacting spinsDynamics of Interacting SpinsThe Density MatrixTime evolution of the density matrix: the Liouville/von Neumann equationThe density matrix in thermodynamic equilibriumPulsed Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceDetection of the NMR ObservableTime Evolution of the Density Matrix under RF PulsesNMR Spectroscopy of Anisotropic Fluid Systems: Theory and ExperimentIntroductionNuclear Spin Hamiltonian for NMR of Anisotropic Fluid SystemsAveraged Second-Rank Tensorial Quantities and Order ParametersDetermination of High-Field NMR Absorption Spectra for Selected Spin SystemsNMR Spectrum from Two Interacting Identical Spin 1/2 Particles Subjected to the Same Chemical ShiftNMR Spectrum from One Spin 1 Particle Subjected to Quadrupolar Interaction and the Chemical ShiftQuantum Mechanical Analysis of Selected NMR Pulse SequencesSpin System Subjected to a Single n/2 RF Pulse in ResonanceSolid Echo Pulse SequenceNMR Relaxation and Molecular Dynamics: TheoryGeneral ConceptsRelaxation RatesSpin-Lattice Relaxation in Aligned SystemsRelaxation MechanismsIsotropic RotationsRotations/ReorientationsMolecular Translational Self-DiffusionCollective motionsCross-relaxationNMR Relaxometry and Molecular Dynamics: Experimental TechniquesInversion RecoveryFast Field CyclingExperimental SetupsNMR Spectroscopy of Liquid Crystal Dendrimers: Experimental ResultsNMR of LC Dendrimers and the Investigation of the Biaxial Nematic PhaseBiaxial Nematic Ordering and NMR SpectroscopyOrganosiloxane TetrapodesExperimental Procedures° rotationContinuous rotationExperimental Results and Spectra Simulations° rotation technique and spectra of a static distribution of nematic domainsContinuous-rotation technique and the effect of slow motionsDiscussion of the Spectra Simulation ResultsComparison with Tetrapodes' Monomers and Other Main-Chain LC DendrimersNMR Relaxometry of Liquid Crystal Dendrimers: Experimental ResultsLiquid-Crystalline Dendrimers Investigated by NMR RelaxometryEnd-On Organosiloxane Tetrapodes with Strong Terminal DipolesOrganosiloxane Tetrapodes with Laterally Attached MesogensOrganosiloxane Octopodes with Laterally Attached MesogensPAMAM Liquid-Crystalline Dendrimers of Generations 1 and 3The Influence of Dendrimers' Structure on the Molecular DynamicsBibliography
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