Fragmented presentation and strong symbolic effect

Among a considerable number of fragmented symbols, the symbol which exerts the greatest impact on the general public is the strong symbol that spreads the corporate image. Those strong symbols range from McDonald’s double-arched “M” in golden yellow, the all-smile services by Haidilao, Steve Jobs as the legendary leader of Apple Inc., “sincerity forever” as Haier’s corporate religion and Chanel No. 5 as a source of eternal and classical enchantment to Dabao Company’s ever-so- familiar advertisement slogan “Hi, Dabao, see you every day!” Although there is an abundance of symbols that can represent a particular corporate image, it is unlikely that this image would be shattered into fragments impossible to be identified because of its fragmentary presentation. On the contrary, there will develop an image which will become generally recognized by the public, an image which possesses relative stability. This stability is the result of the communication of the strong symbol. A strong symbol is usually the symbol which an enterprise makes the most strenuous efforts to communicate to the public. It is also an incarnation of that enterprise’s core competitiveness. Therefore, although the symbols which can communicate a corporate image may be fragmentary, each enterprise possesses some symbols which can make the most profound impressions on the mind of the public. Those impressive symbols showcase an enterprise’s unique charisma from a multiplicity of perspectives and present its distinctive image.

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