Shaping strong symbols from representative figures who embody the spirit of civilization and progress of the Chinese nation

In the past, we tried to develop strong symbols based on the heroic deeds of such representative figures as Liu Hulan, Wang Jinxi and Lei Feng, who have inspired millions of the Chinese people. Today, as we create the strong symbol of “China Speed” on the basis of Liu Xiang’s world-class athletic achievements, can’t we also create the “China Height” based on the achievements and contributions of Yao Ming (whose height is at 2.29 meter and who played for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association, NBA) and create the “China Sound” based on the achievements and contributions of Lang Lang, a talented Chinese pianist who has attained high international prestige? The answer to those questions is certainly affirmative. When even the heads of the western countries become the fans of China’s basketball superstar Yao Ming and accomplished pianist Lang Lang, the names of those distinguished Chinese individuals can naturally serve as China’s strong symbols for international communication. As non-government and non-ideological symbols, they can produce much greater resonance and communication impact than the usual political symbols.

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