Shaping strong symbols from commodity symbols and corporate symbols which embody the trustworthiness and credibility of the Chinese society

For commodities of the famous brands, their high value of exchange does not stem from their value of utility but from their high value as symbols. It is their symbolic value that justifies their exorbitant prices. The commodities with high symbolic values are capable of not only directing the consumer behavior but also playing a positive role in effectively promoting the communication of the information and culture of a country and a nation.

When symbols of commodities develop into symbols of culture, they can naturally perform the concomitant function of communicating the awareness of a country and the spirit of a nation. The Japanese electrical appliances and the German automobiles have contributed to commodity symbols which circulate around the world, communicating information about those two countries and the nations that they represent. Although Chinese enterprises like China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Mobile have fought their way, in the recent two years, into the top tier of the Top 500 Global Companies, they have produced symbolic value which falls far short of their commercial rankings. Measured on a global scale, their symbolic value and their international reputation are disproportionately low and their brand recognition is relatively poor. Naturally, it is unlikely that they can effectively communicate useful information about the country they are supposed to represent.

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