Functions of Teeth

Teeth are part of the digestive system. Chewing is the main function of the human teeth. Food needs to be obtained, chewed and broken down before entering the digestive system so that our body can easily absorb nutrients from them. In addition, teeth can help us pronounce accurately and help us look better by giving us a good profile.

Classifications of Teeth

There are four different types of teeth, namely incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. Each type of tooth has a different job. The incisors are the eight front teeth in your mouth. They are the most visible of all teeth and have a pronounced aesthetic role, which cut food like a pair of scissors. The canines are the four teeth right next to the incisors in a full set of teeth. Their sharp point allows them to pierce through and tear food like a fork. They are also capable of grasping and retaining food. The premolars are located at the back of the canines. There are a total of eight premolars in the mouth. They help the canines to pierce and tear food and help the molars to crush and grind food during chewing. There are usually a total of 12 molars in the mouth, three behind each set of premolars. Molars are the most posterior and most complicated kind of teeth, which crush and grind food.

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