Scaffolds Reinforced by Fibers or Tubes for Hard Tissue Repair

Jianrong Wei, Tianxiao Zhao, Jie Liao, Yan Liu, Linhao Li, and Xiaoming Li

Abstract Formed by biological mineralization, hard tissues not only play a supporting role in vivo, but also contribute to the protection of internal organs. Currently, hard tissue defects have already become a type of common disease owing to fracture, trauma, pathological biomineralization or degeneration, etc. It has been well recognized that scaffolds reinforced by fibers or tubes can overcome the shortages of traditional tissue grafts to repair hard tissues. However, to achieve satisfactory scaffolds, their composition, physicochemical properties, biodegradability, biocompatibility and bioactivity should be comprehensively studied. In this chapter, we mainly introduce those properties and their influential factors of scaffolds reinforced by fibers or tubes, mainly focusing on special design and fabrication of novel satisfactory scaffolds reinforced by fibers or tubes for hard tissue repair, and how the addition of fibers or tubes affects the special functions in vitro and in vivo, which suggests that the reinforcement using fibers or tubes can enhance significantly hard tissue repair or regeneration efficacy, and should be one promising means to develop new high-performanced scaffolds for hard tissue repair.

Keywords Scaffold • Mechanical properties • Reinforce • Fiber • Tube • Hard tissue repair

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