The European Union: On the Verge of Global Political Leadership

European Integration - On Pursuit of European LeadershipHistorical BackgroundEuropean IntegrationImperative Need of Conflict Resolution During/After World WarsEarly Experiments of EC Towards International Conflict ResolutionEuropean Enlargement: A Journey towards Peaceful EC MembersEstablishing European UnionNotesRole of EU Institutions in Development of Its LeadershipImportance of EU Institutions in Peace ProcessesThe European Parliament: Stances on World PeaceThe Council of EU: Work for Political ReconciliationThe European Commission: Figurehead of the EUThe Court of Justice: Guardian of EU Peace GesturePolitical and Security Wings of EUCommon Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)NotesRole of EU in European DisputesThe EU Motives for the Conflict ResolutionEU’s Checklist for Causes of a ConflictThe Irish QuestionThe Role of EU in the Irish QuestionBalkan CrisesBosnia and HerzegovinaKosovo ConflictGreco-Turkish RivalryNotesThe EU: Asian Conflicts and Middle EastMiddle Eastern Disputes EU and Arab-Israel ConflictCrisis of IraqEU and Iraq War: Dilemmas and ParadoxesAsian DisputesEU and IranEU-Iran RelationsIndo-Pakistan Dispute on KashmirSouth Asian Nuclear /Missile RaceRole of EU in Kashmiri IssueNotesUN and EU Cooperation in Global Peace MissionsHistorical BackgroundModel of UN-EU CooperationEU Strategy as a Global ActorEU Security CouncilUN-EU Cooperation in ActionTheory to PracticeNotesContemporary Challenges for EUGreek Economic CrisisRefugee CrisisBrexit and EuropeEmergence of Euroscepticism in EU Member StatesNow Discussing the Impacts ofBrexit on EU BlocResurgence of a Dormant BearTerrorismConcluding RemarksNotesRecommendationsEnhancement of UN-EU CooperationNotesBibliography
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