The European Parliament: Stances on World Peace

There are different roles of EP. Major roles of EP are as follows:

First it passes the laws: The most common practice of EP is adopting and passing the EU legislation that is called “co-decision”. This method takes place at the EP with the collaboration of the Council of EU on equal basis. EP is also entitled to apply legislation in different fields of wide range. Moreover, Parliament’s consent is necessary for some important decisions, such as the EU. The EP also maintains momentum for making legislation under the umbrella of the Commission, in terms of new legislation and asks the Commission for proposals.

Second important function of EP is supervision in democracy: it practices democratic supervision among institutions. It works out in numerous areas. The Commission remains accountable to Parliament in political matters throughout its term of office, in which EP can pass a “motion of censure”, which means to call for mass resignation of the Commission. The third function of EP is inclined to the power of the purse.

The Parliament plays its roles in different platforms from budgetary policy, internal policy, public affairs to external relations policy. The Parliament is also a cluster of many committees on different aspects of intra- and international political affairs, which allow it to play its role as a key player in inter-bloc discussions on peace, conflict resolution and international disputes reconciliations.

The role of Parliament is very important in the EU and it is characterized by gradual extension of responsibilities. The participation of the EU in European issues has been strengthened gradually. Now the EP has played an important role in promoting, maintaining and making peace.

All international issues of EU consideration are primarily forwarded to Parliamentary sessions for discussion. On different occasions, the Parliamentary sessions focus on inter-bloc, European and generally international promotion of peace.

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