The Council of EU: Work for Political Reconciliation

The Council is a major decision-making institution of EU. The Council, alike the Parliament, was established in 1957. The Council safeguards the interests of member nation states. Nomination of ministers who attend such meeting depends on the extent of subjects of agenda and schedule.

Each minister nominated by member state attends the sessions on the basis of its national interests. On the other hand, the minister’s point of view is the point of view of his entire government. Furthermore, each minister has accountability of his/her say in its own national government and citizens and parliament of his country. it guarantees the democratic authority of the Council’s decisions.16

The European Council is the voice of nation states. It has a remarkable impact on the foreign and security measures of the EU. Along with its common gestures of EU with national interests of member states, the Council plays an important role in evaluating and consideration of international issues and conflict resolution.

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