Discussion Questions

  • 1. Why have women historically been the primary victims of intimate violence?
  • 2. Identify the problems that hamper our ability to understand and compare the extent of intimate violence in other cultures and societies to the context and extent of family intimate violence in the United States.
  • 3. What are the possible harmful effects on children who have experienced corporal punishment as children? In your view, why is corporal punishment a common method of discipline?
  • 4. Identify and discuss any perceptions and/or beliefs that you may have had about intimate violence and child maltreatment that have been challenged by what you have read in this chapter.

Suggested Assignments

  • 1. Read the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and identify examples of intimate violence (implicit or explicit).
  • 2. Examine some nursery rhymes, children’s stories, or children videos and identify themes or messages that seem to condone violence and abuse of children.
  • 3. View prime-time television programs, videos, or films and note how many threats of violence and/or abuse against women and men are included per ten-minute segment.
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