Precise Contracting is Indispensable!

Why is a precise contracting, molding the appropriate consulting services, and therefore the involvement of the top-management so necessary?

Each coaching or consulting contract is agreed upon between the coaches/consultants, the superior of the leaders and the leader himself. The contract clarifies the aims and objectives. Each contract within our consulting rules must be prepared in a triangular discussion. In the preparation there is a clarifying discussion between all three players about the purpose, the goals and the basic conditions of the coaching process: superior and leader, coach and superior, coach and leader, as well as a tripartite discussion.

Numbers of consulting hours 2000-2011 for different consulting forms.

Figure 22.1. Numbers of consulting hours 2000-2011 for different consulting forms.

Coaching for leaders often stands in connection with a comprehensive process of team and organizational development. It must be planned and evaluated with the respective superiors. All those consulting activities have to be coordinated by CDC, especially by myself.


The intended development of the CEOs forms the entire consulting offer of the CDC. On the one hand high-level personnel themselves can avail of these consulting forms, which promote their leadership work. On the other hand, the high-level gespag personnel were, through continuous information, trained to understand the professional rules and basis of the employment of external consultation better to enable them to use consultation in the best possible way.

How can the CEOs be included into the external consultation? How can they learn and make their contribution with this new knowledge for the development of the learning organization hospital?

CEOs are well advised to take care about the following tasks:

• High-level personnel are taking responsibility for a fitting consultation for their employees to enable supportive consultation to take place.

• High-level personnel are actively codesigning the consulting contract and are available for the necessary steps of analysis.

• The directors of the hospitals are encouraged to develop an understanding of their role as an important factor in the external consulting activities for the successful development of the organization.

• The directors of the hospitals, the teams and department managers are prepared to organize information meetings held by the director of CDC. The information on general (e.g., chances and dangers of external consultation) and specific (e.g., conflict management) topics helps them to understand their personal role and that of the organization.

The learning potential through the offers of CDC for the enterprise gespag, their CEOs and employees becomes effective on several levels. The potential of the high-level personnel and employees in their social and communicative competence plays a key role within the development of a hospital organization mainly because traditional hospital culture concerns itself with the development of the technical abilities and skills. The promotion of the so called "soft factors" and the promotion of the understanding of the logic of the organization form all in all an important foundation for a successful hospital. It is thus an intelligent investment in the successful future of hospitals, if the management puts a differentiated offer of support and external consultation at the disposal of its high-level personnel and employees and professionally promotes and encourages the development of leadership competence. In the concept of the external consulting of the gespag, the executive managers play a key role:

• As learning clients and participants in consulting processes: Executive managers who attend a coaching in team and organizational consulting learn to better understand their executive functions and how to professionally apply them in the context of organizational changes in the hospital.

• As employer of consulting processes: Executive managers, being employers of consulting processes, are requested to phrase a smart and strategically appropriate task for a consulting process in the form of goals of the consulting. Executive managers clarify their expectations in a triangle structure. This is possible only if they are straight about their role as an executive manager in the context of their organizational unit and the organization of the hospital. As employers, the executive managers also have to evaluate the consulting procedure together with the consultants and the clients.

• As participants when reflecting the designs and outcomes of consulting processes: Together, hospital management and consultants discuss the consulting process on a regular basis. CDC consultants are available for organizational learning throughout this process of reflection.

Leadership development is supported by implementing different coaching forms of OD-focused coaching and team consulting. On the one hand, leaders need to be motivated to reflect on their responsibility and professionalism in change processes. On the other hand, the general management must promote and facilitate OD-focused coaching and consulting of teams in appropriate contracts. This interplay should shape a culture of professional support in hospitals based on trust that both tasks and interventions help to stabilize and to agitate the hospital as a social system while coping with all the challenges and demands arising from the relevant environments.

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