Suggested Assignments

  • 1. Check out the ongoing debate about gender symmetry and bidirectional violence by doing a web search of the following terms: “gender symmetry” and “bidirectional IPV.”
  • 2. Interview staff at a shelter for battered women and ask them about whether they encounter instances of lesbian violence and what services they provide for victims of violence in lesbian relationships. Ask if they have policies for dealing with the situation when both victim and offender seek services from the shelter.


  • 1. The information presented is based on my serving as an expert witness in the case and reading all of the depositions and documents associated with the arrest and trial of Marissa Alexander.
  • 2. Florida does not have an “imperfect self-defense” statute, therefore, in order to plead self-defense, a perpetrator must be in imminent danger.
  • 3. The studies reviewed articles published after 1990.
  • 4. A meta-analysis is a statistical technique that combines findings from independent studies.
  • 5. The question used to measure dating violence was: “During the last 12 months, did your boyfriend or girlfriend ever hit, slap, or physically hurt you on purpose?”
  • 6. Among universities where an injury was reported, the rate of injury-producing violence was highest for men, at 78% of the universities.
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