How do I increase traffic to my corporate Web site?

According to Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS), in Hanover, New Hampshire, more than 90 percent of online job seekers will check out the Web site of a prospective employer at some point in the interviewing process to learn more about the company. It's estimated that 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies already have their own sites to connect with active and passive job seekers, and this number is rapidly approaching 100 percent. Furthermore, there are more than a million corporate Web sites that actively post jobs. There are several things you can do to increase traffic to your site:

- Register your corporate Web site address with Internet search engines such as Alta Vista, Excite, or Yahoo so that they can guide users to your site on the basis of users' queries about employment opportunities (typically a free service).

- Purchase hypertext links or ''hot links'' that lead directly to your server from other Internet services, thereby allowing viewers to jump from one site to another with the click of a button.

- Run banner ads on other Web sites, including chat rooms, news groups, or job boards, in order to attract candidates to the Careers section of your company s Web site.

- Establish portals that feed into your corporate Web site to increase traffic (for example, with local colleges and universities); this way, when viewers connect to an educational institution s career section, they will be able to hit a ''click here button that links them to your company s Web page.

Make your efforts at driving traffic to your Web site's employment section a rewarding experience for candidates, and you'll find that you re competing for talent on a whole new and exciting level.

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Remember that your company Web site is only as valuable as the eyeballs that view it. The secret of making your company s Web page successful is linking. Traffic to your site will result from the number and quality of Internet connections to your site. Therefore, include in annual reports, company brochures, and your hard copy and online job ads statements such as ''Discover more about our company and other career opportunities by visiting our Web page at Furthermore, consider purchasing hot links to business partners and prospective recruiting resources, including:

- Suppliers

- Customers

- Trade organizations

- Stockholders

- Colleges or universities that ''feed'' new graduates to the local employment community

- Commercial or Usenet online job search and recruiting Web sites

The large job boards have expanded their business practices to help small and mid-size companies develop a Web page presence. For example, Hot Jobs will provide you with a logo and a URL for your company profile page. Hyperlinks are provided free. (A simple e-mail is all it takes to establish a hyperlink.) HotJobs also offers customized ''plug-n-play job boards and can cobrand a job board with your company to enhance the functionality and content of your site.

Specifically, HotJobs' Softshoe product enables corporate clients to integrate job boards within their corporate Web sites to turn visitors into applicants. Every Softshoe installation includes a public job board customized to your site's look and feel. Softshoe offers a configurable network of company job boards, all feeding a central resume database. These job boards can include:

- Public job posting boards for job seekers visiting your company s Web site

- Internal corporate job posting boards

- International job posting boards

- College/university job posting boards

Of course, HotJobs and the other larger online employment hubs will generate traffic to your corporate Web site through banner advertising, channel buttons, splash pages, diversity programs, and other targeted online media programs. Not a bad resource considering the cost-effectiveness and timely turnaround offered!

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