Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse has become a common phenomenon among juveniles in Uganda. School-going juveniles are introduced to drugs by delinquent peers. Once addicted, the desire to acquire more drugs causes them to commit other crimes like theft to maintain this habit. Ten of the juveniles at Nagulu remand home had committed drug-related offences. Some of these juveniles were charged with capital offences such as rape, murder, robbery and child-to-child sex.

False Accusations

One of the girls who was in custody at Nagulu remand home had been working as a maid and was accused by her boss of stealing. The girl claimed that her boss owed her money. When she asked for the money that was owed to her as she was quitting the job, the boss accused her of stealing so as to avoid paying her salary. It is surprising that the police were not bothered by the fact that her boss was employing a juvenile as a baby sitter.

HIV and Aids

This disease has resulted in a large number of orphans with no relatives to care for them. These children are not only left without parental guidance but also with little means of survival. In order to survive, some of these children get involved in criminal activities like stealing. This cause is intertwined with poverty which forces the poor children to fend for themselves by engaging in criminal activity.

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