Supervision, Art. 12 JCC

Within a supervision order, the juvenile court can appoint a suitable person or other authority (e.g., family counseling or a psychological service; Aebersold 2011), which can provide the responsible educational authorities with insight and information. In this way the efforts of the often overburdened parents, though still capable and willing to cooperate, can be supported and strengthened (Aebersold 2011).

Personal Care and Assistance, Art. 13 JCC

The order for personal care leans toward the educational guardianship order (“Erziehungsbeistandschaft”). The prerequisite is that as a consequence of serious educational problems, the danger exists that the parents cannot resolve the situation by themselves. A specific person who takes personal responsibility for the juvenile must be appointed (Aebersold 2011).

Ambulatory Treatment, Art. 14 JCC

Ambulatory treatment is applicable when a juvenile is suffering from mental health problems, is impaired in the development of his or her personality, or is suffering from an addiction. The simple presence of danger such as drug use is insufficient (Ghrber et al. 2013). What is not necessary is that a committed criminal act has some relationship to this disruption. What is decisive, however, is that at the point at which the pronouncement of a judgment is given, the disruption exists and the condition of the juvenile requires treatment (Ghrber et al. 2013).

Under restricted conditions, the court can forbid the juvenile to exercise certain professional or nonprofessional activities if there is a danger that the juvenile might misuse the work visits to inflict sexual criminal acts against particularly vulnerable individuals. If a danger exists that a juvenile will commit a criminal act while in contact with an individual, the court can ban the juvenile from establishing contact with this person or ban the juvenile from staying in particular localities. For enforcement purposes, the investigative authorities can employ electronic monitoring.

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