The project management question and answer book

What is a project?Why do organizations do projects?What is the project life cycle?What is the project management triangle or the triple constraint?What are the project baselines?Who are the project stakeholders?ScopeWhat is the project charter?What is a deliverable in the project?What is a project justification?What is the requirements process?What is a scope statement?What is a work breakdown structure (WBS)?How do I do a work breakdown structure?How do I test the work breakdown structure?What is scope change control?Project EstimatingWhat is a project estimate?What terms are used in estimating?What are estimating factors?What is life cycle cost?What is statistical cost estimating?What is the difference between estimated cost and price?What is the law of diminishing returns?What is a cost improvement curve?Cost ManagementWhat is the cost baseline?Why do we have two separate reserves to take care of the risks?Why am I concerned with cost budgeting?What is the time value of money?What is the fundamental accounting equation?What are the financial measures ROS, ROA, and EVA?What is depreciation?Straight-line depreciationSum of the years' digitsDouble declining balancesTime ManagementWhat is a network diagram?What are the early start, early finish, late start, and late finish dates of a project schedule?How do I make a project schedule?What is float or slack in a project schedule?What is a Gantt chart?What is the critical path method?What is the PERT method?What is a milestone chart?What is a summary or hammock activity?What is a resource histogram?What is crashing and fast-tracking a schedule?What is a buffered schedule?What is the Monte Carlo process?What is Goldratt's critical chain theory?Human Resources ManagementWhat is leadership?What is the difference between management and leadership?What are the major theories of behavioral and situational leadership?What is a project team?What are the major team leader skills?What are the concepts of job enrichment and job enlargement?What is a team role structure?Creative RolesCommunicative RolesBehavioral RolesWhat is delegation?What are the major theories of motivation?What are the main types of power?What does the staff acquisition process include?What are the tools and rules for human resource coordination in projects?Building Projects in OrganizationsHow do I organize for project management?What is a balanced matrix organization?Why would we want to use an unbalanced matrix organization?What does moving toward matrix management require?How do organizations affect the projects and how does project management influence organizations?What are the major spheres for change and the problems associated with them?What is organizational change and what are the specific characteristics of project management methodology as applied to change projects?What is a change process and what are its stages?Risk ManagementWhat is risk management?What are the basic steps in risk management?What is risk identification?What is risk quantification?General statistical techniquesComputer simulationsExpected value analysisDecision tree analysisCritical chain schedulingWhat is risk tolerance?What are risk response strategies?What is risk control?How do risk management approaches correlate with the other parts of project management methodology?QualityWhat are the principles of modern quality management?What are the quality management processes?What are the major principles of economics of quality?What are the Seven Tools for Quality Management?Earned Value ReportingWhat is an earned value report?What is the budget at completion?What is cost variance?What is schedule variance?What is the cost performance index?What is the schedule performance index?What is the estimate at completion?Are there other ways of calculating the EAC?What is the to complete cost performance index?Is there a similar measure to the TCCPI for schedules?What is the estimate to completion?What is the percent complete?What is the percent spent?CommunicationsWhat is communications?What are the major types of communications?How can we increase accuracy in communications?What are the major barriers to communications?What are the major personality types?What are the major communication skills a project manager needs to know in order to manage projects successfully?ABOUT THE AUTHORS
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